20 Miranda Kerr Hairstyles

A delicate combination of angelic beauty and elegance is the only way to best describe Miranda Kerr, little wonder women across the globe really envy this top model for everything that she is and what are unique style is about. Asides her great taste in fashion, her hairstyles are always a beauty to behold, she’s even got her own set of locks that are just so gorgeous and unbelievable.

Miranda is a top model and we all know that she loves to keep her hair long and wavy most of the time. This gallery will show you just what we are referring to here. We have compiled some pictures featuring the all time best Miranda kerr hairstyles, to give you an idea of what her style is like and may be an idea or two on how to style your own hair too in a unique way.

How to Chic
Image: How to Chic

Miranda rocks this everyday long wavy hairstyle in a casual fashion, it looks so good on her and the styling is just perfect for the occasion. Miranda wouldn’t be ranked amongst Australia’s top models if not for her amazing facial structure and high cheek bones which makes most hairstyles look really good on her. This hairstyle here is no is differrent, the side parting makes the center of her face very obvious and the loose waves really works well for her. The auburn color and the slight fading chocolate color at the tips of the hair suggest an ombre style.

Image: Lively
Iconic Women
Image: Iconic Women

This hairstyle shows just why a lot of women envy Miranda, not often do you find someone who looks perfect in a hairstyle just as this. The hair is wavy and glossy at the same time, with equal volumes of the wavy hair spread across her shoulder. It is easy to notice that the side parting here is intended to ensure that a big shiny wave of her hair falls on her forehead and skims her eyes, driving attention to her famous high cheek bones. The auburn and chocolate mixed color really works well for her and blends perfectly with her skin complexion.

I Heart Miranda Kerr
Image: I Heart Miranda Kerr
Image: popsugar

Here Miranda rocks a brunette hair which looks really cool on her. The hair looks straight but still with little curls at the ends to give her the signature hairstyle that we have now become used to seeing her with. Young women can certainly try this out and also add some curls at the ends to give it a complete look.

Image: au-lifestyle-yahoo
Image: Tumblr

Check out Miranda Kerr’s center parted curls here, the hair in combination with her complexion produces an absolutely stunning look. She really rocks this style because of the thick tresses that she’s got, you can also repeat same if you have the kind of tresses shes got. The center parting here looks really great, to make for yourself, part your hair in the middle and then curl the fringe outwards. Other locks should be styled into twiggy waves in order for it to fit any facial structure.

Teen Vogue
Image: Teen Vogue
Image: Refinery29

Another wavy hairstyle by Miranda Kerr here. The hair is center-parted in order to allow it to fall on both sides of her face; the loose waves also help form the frame that gives her a sexy, classy and gorgeous look. Her complexion is flattered by the nice mix of shades and multi-toned nature of the hair. It is easy to style, so you or your hairstylist shouldn’t have a problem recreating this one.

Image: Pictrary
Beauty Girly Fashion
Image: Beauty Girly Fashion

Miranda displays her charms with this medium curls hairstyle. She looks strong and feminine with the perfect side parting giving the hair its appropriate structure. It is a very easy one, you should try it.

Harper's Bazaar
Image: Harper’s Bazaar
Glamour Magazine UK
Image: Glamour Magazine UK

This one is more of a casual look and her outfit says it all as you can see from the picture, it can also be called an ombre style because of the shades.

For the Love of Sequins
Image: For the Love of Sequins
Image: Lively

Miranda looks really glamourous in this medium curly hair. The big textured curls are feminine but wouldn’t look good on every facial structure. So you need to be certain it works for you before going ahead to do it.

Image: Lively
Image: Lively

She is really cute and lovely here with this natural curls. Very simple and nice for an over all gorgeous look.

Marie Claire UK
Image: Marie Claire UK
Image: MdeMulher

This is more of a messy, sassy and sexy look, Miranda takes a twisted turn here to come up with this “sexy lady” look. Young women will look really great in this.

Miranda Kerr’s status as a model aids her beauty and elegance, but only her style can produce these magnificient collection of hairstyles.
She is worth the time if you decide to follow her and draw inspiration from her hairstyles.

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