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French Nails

Spring is in the air. The birds are singing and flowers are blooming. The very idea of spring makes us smile thinking of clear moonlit nights  and delightful sunny days. It is a marked time of renewal, vitality and the essence of life. We take walks in the gentle breeze with a spring in our step. It is a time when our lighter fashions spring forward and we get excited reuniting with our favorite pieces.We think about  ways to refresh our styles with accessories and accents. Our nails are a great place to start. An elite style that is trendy and fresh are nail designs for a spring french tip. The French tip is clean and a classic look that is elegant and chic. French tips are known as a glossy clear coat on the bed with a defined white tip. As with most styles there is an integrated perspective that revitalizes the original look. A spring french tip is adding color and accents to keep a fresh fashion in the now.

The lovely setting of french tips is they are fitting for any event. They will add a touch of class and finesse to your every endeavor. A glossy shine and creative designs are fashionably trendy and fast becoming a tradition of spring. There are endless possibilities when color and creativity come together with spring styles. Weddings, picnics and cozy evenings on vacation or at home are a part of our spring and summer repertoire. A french tip design will carry through and rise to the occasion each and every time. Nail art thinks outside the style box bringing new concepts and imagined ideas in each tipped design. Below you will find images of inspired nail designs that will bring true enchantment to your finger tips.

Candy Colored Tip Nail Design

001 nail1 12

Image: Tiny Deal

An array of pastel tones are light and full of spring touches. Purple,green,pink and yellow colors are festively  at the tip of a glossy sheer shine.

Lovely Pink Tip Nail Design

002 nail5 12

Image: Style Wow

This style uses a faded technique that is trendy and pink. A lighter pink  glazes the nail and gently fades into a rich pink tone. A sheer shine is swept over creating an elegant appeal.

French Manicure

003 68-3D-French-Manicure 12

Image: Cuded

Dainty and defined, this style is artistically clever. A brilliant gloss is classic when topped with a stark white tip. Delicate white ribbon bows are whimsical and delightful.

Floral Nail Art

004 61-French-Manicure 12

Image: Sortrashion

This nail art has a joyous feel with a light shade of a natural sage and a fresh daisy dressing each nail. White petals and a sunny yellow appeal to the senses in this spring look.

Hot Pink Base and Light Purple Tipped Valentine’s French Manicure

006 2-french-tip-nail-designs 12

Image: Chalk Board Nails

A keen sense of colorization is recognized here with a hot pink base that is softened with a lightened tone of lilacs.A neat manicure sets the look and is fashionably lovely.

White Tipped French Manicure with Flowers

007 7-french-tip-nail-designs 12

Image: Pin Makeup Tips

A classic french tip has an imaginative flower design. The look is soft and delicate with a definite spring style fitting for a beautiful day.

Black Tipped French Manicure

008 11-french-tip-nail-designs 12

Image: Glitter Champagne

A fresh french manicure is gala inspired with glossy black tips. This style has an elite appeal  and is perfected with a reflective shine that will bring a hints of elegance to any fashion.

Black and White Flower French Nails

009 26-french-tip-nail-designs 12

Image: Inspired Snaps

Black and White nail designs with an upbeat floral and Polk a dot patterns. The style is alternated yet remains consistent with the complementary pairing.

Spring Flowers Tipped French Manicure

010 6-french-tip-nail-designs 12

Image: Ink 361

An ingenious twist on a french tip is artistic and witty. In lieu of a solid band at the nail tip, a chic strand of delicate flowers are gently placed creating a brilliant style.

Glamorous and Chic French Tip Nails

011 Purple-Flowers-on-French-White-Tip1 12

Image: Fmag

A fresh and fun design is set in a friendly white nail style and accented with a rich purple. The floral design is pop trendy with jeweled accessories.

French Nail Designs For Spring

012 French-Nail-Designs-For-Spring 12

Image: Nail Art Designs Tips

Fit for a runway this look has a swirled angular design in light pink to fuchsia with a shimmering deep purple diagonal band that offers symmetry and style.

Whimsical rainbow hues


Image: Tumblr

Colors of spring have a A thin and thicker band that is separated to create a fun and festive style. The sheer coat allows the colorful design to stand out and take the stage.


014 e196169f19212ae74165d25ee10148b4 12

Image: Belezatododia

This french tip is charming with a lining of glitzy embellishments. A beautiful blue butterfly is artistically detailed and designed creating true enchantment.

Amazing Nailart

015 f84bc2460707a894ce343decae44f6b8 12

Image: Style Craze

This style has a wow factor creating an intricate whimsical world. Fresh springy colors are accented with absolutely delightful characters that make you feel as if you stepped into a colorful story.

12 Spring Nail Trends to Try Now

016 6799b7abd01cc0122cb0ca6547f7a095 12

Image: Pure Wow

This spring we see a play on colors.  Here is an example of stylish hues. A light color has a lilac gray tone and is topped with a sleek and sunny yellow.

Nail art in fresh, spring colors

017 d205bd794d73cd410ab34f2da7cbef93 12

Image: Fashion Belief

Sheer elegance is beautifully designed in a lavish sheer setting. A glimmering purple tip is accented with charismatic flowers and a jeweled center.

Latest Nail Art Designs

018 97f974ef03b625cdd1805462eb09f517 12

Image: Live Fit and Healthy

A work of nail art is fitting when you have this level of detail on each mini canvass. Polk a dotted tips are ingeniously paired with the tidings of spring for an amazing display.

Shiny French Tip

019 7f633249551ed4984a86946937667c44 12

Image: Flickr

Glamorous silver tips are reflective and luxurious. An almost sheer white nail base is extravagantly chic and well stated.

nail art design, colorful french tip , originally

020 colorful-french-nail-art-designs-ideas-for-spring-summer-2014 12

Image: Cool Nail Design

Aqua blue tips are star struck in style. White trimmed stars of varied sizes are displayed proudly in this trendy look.

French Tip Nail Ideas


Image: Josebayona

A chic touch of glamour has white tips and a starburst of bright pink and a silver shimmering design on each nail set. This look is fitting for any occasion.

Spring designs are fresh and full of vibrant notes. Your nail fashions are an asset to your style bringing a quote from your personal thoughts and the envisioned artist within. Broadening the stylish horizons offer endless opportunities for creative freedom. Butterflies, flowers and chic patterns are have been demonstrated brilliantly while defining  the detail. Using more than one color between the base and tip of the nail style offer dimension and a sense of keen awareness. Just the same as an artist to a canvass we see nail artistry in its intricate form. When you closely look at the intricate strokes of genius that reveal a genuine pictorial of imagery, you will see the detail of blended hues and outlines that are definitive.

Spring time is a season full of hopeful possibilities for the year ahead. Your plans will expand to later evenings and earlier mornings. The nail style you create will carry your fashion through the transition of the day. Your style is not only about trends and fads, it is about your exclusive personal touches that result in your charming fashion. Hints of shine and shimmery accents polish the designs in elegant tones. Bright stated colors and softer subtle tones are both ideal. Wear your style confidently and take pride in your french tip nail design. . The renewal of nature, life and most importantly ourselves is at hand . From dawn to dusk and blooming  flowers to the sparkling stars in the sky , we hold the artistic vision to be a part of the very celebration of Spring.

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