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She has been voted the best dressed celebrity at several award ceremonies and redcarpet events, the most recent being the Annual Academy awards. Age is not really on her side anymore but even at 40, she still has style, class, elegance and beauty, which she isn’t afraid to flaunt anytime she appears at an event or award ceremony. This woman is a living proof that age doesn’t necessarily have to steal away you beauty and class.

We have compiled a mixture of Naomi Watts hairstyles both vintage and modern in the picture gallery below so as to show you what she can do with her hair, ranging from simple straight haircuts to the seemingly complicated updos.

Beauty Editor
Image: Beauty Editor

Naomi Watts Short Curls
We all know the wonders that short hair cuts can do to the face especially when styled very well with a touch of perfection. Naomi rocks this really short curls here and although its not too recent, it remains relevant still. The hair-do is deliberately messy to add an edgy chic look to the whole hair structure and appearance. Her stylist maintained a delicate volume and texture in order to produce a classy and sexy look, with half of her face hidden behind the locks. This style will look awesome on younger women.

Image: Hand Bag
Daily Mail
Image: Daily Mail

Blonde Long Curls
Women over 30 who want to look sassy and classy can try out this long blonde curls style by Naomi Watts. The Side parting is amazing and the big curls which progress smoothly from her eye level down to her shoulder give the hair a really gorgeous look. Styling this with iron rollers would be nice and shouldn’t take more than 45 mins to set up.

Naomi Watts Hair
Image: Naomi Watts Hair
The Hairstyler
Image: The Hairstyler

Unique French Twist
Back to one of her not too recent picture, which features this amazing french twist hairstyle. If well styled, this should look awesome on younger women. It is a loose lower updo with a slice of elegance and it can be a good way to show-off at an event.

Marita Bird Photography
Image: Marita Bird Photography

Casual Medium Hairstyle
This is a great one for women with medium hair, Naomi rocks this medium casual hairstyle in a unique way and shows just how a medium hairstyle should be made. Slight curls at the end of the hair close to her shoulder top and the nicely swept bangs which give her forehead some nice covering, are the major attributes of this hair structure. It is relatively easy to replicate, your stylist shouldn’t have a problem making you look beautiful in this.

Image: Listal
Hair and Makeup by Steph
Image: Hair and Makeup by Steph

Retro Updo
Here is one for all the retro style lovers, Naomi looks great and fabulous in the picture above, thanks to the unique retro hairstyle she is flaunting. This style and the nice glittering hair clip she has on gives her a super “hot chic” look. The curly bangs and the big curls all over the hair acts as a sweet icing on the cake for this vintage-modern look.

Beauty Riot
Image: Beauty Riot

Bobby Pinned Updo
This is another of Naomi Watts hairstyle that will also look awesome on women above 30. The twist are pinned really high up her head and looks somewhat complicated with a little messy appearance. This will make you instantly noticeable at any event.

Beauty RiotHair Styles Weekly
Image: Hair Styles Weekly
Glamour Paris
Image: Glamour Paris

Lovely Straight Hairstyle
Simple straight hairstyles look great regardless of the woman who is wearing it. Noami Watt rocks a short straight hair in the throw-back picture above. She looks really pretty, the deep side parts work well to make her face longer with a perfect frame. This is a style young women should try every once in a while.

Bella Sugar
Image: Bella Sugar
Image: redbookmag

Short Wavy Hairstyle
Perfect for women who want to cut their hair short or those with actual medium hair. Naomi looks great here thanks to the perfect blonde tone and slight dark shades of the hair that blends effortlessly with her skin tone. Her bangs are slightly side swept to give her forehead some covering and the deep side sweep allows the wavy hair fall on both sides of her face so as to form a nice frame in the process.

Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro
Marie Claire UK
Image: Marie Claire UK

Naomi Watts Blunt Haircut
Want a blunt and beautiful haircut? Here is one by Naomi that should look good on you. An anti-fizz product will be needed to keep the hair straight and also to flatter the overall look. To create this style all you need to do is cut the hair in a blunt manner at the ends and create a nice side parting.

Mane Addicts
Image: Mane Addicts
Bella Sugar2
Image: Bella Sugar

Medium straight casual look
This is a nice side view of Naomi Watts medium straight hairstyle. She looks stunning and the expression on her face says it all. A nice deep side part should help you get enough volume of your hair to one side of your face in order to create this awesome look.

Naomi Watts is celebrity with style and unique class both as young woman and a mature one, her beauty still remain top class and very difficult to beat.

Younger and older women can emulate her style because it isn’t so difficult to replicate and even improve upon. Your hairstylist should have no difficulty anytime you want to look as stunning as she does.

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