20 Nicole Richie Hairstyles

We cannot begin to count the number of things that can be emulated from this American icon. Nicole Richie has managed to record impeccable success in every field that she ventures into. She is an accomplished actress, TV personality, author and most of all, one of the leading American fashion designers. A great model to look up by all standards, she also flaunts a unique level of style that compliments the kind of success that she recorded over the years. She is always an object of attraction at any occasion or event she attends majorly because of her unbeatable beauty and elegance.

Nicole Richie has rocked some of the greatest hairstyles that we have ever seen on America’s biggest stage. They are unique, full of style and definitely worth the review contained in this article. Here are 10 of her all time best hairstyles.

Beauty Editor
Image: Beauty Editor

Long Braided Hairstyles
Most people will tell you that a Fishtail braid hairstyle is not suitable for a formal event and they are mostly right, except, of course, Nicole Richie has proven them wrong with exquisite Long Fishtail Braid Hair-do. The hair knot at the top of her head plus the nice braid which ends in a small sized fishtail give her a classy and formal look that is not easily achieved with this kind of style. It is quite easy to reproduce and should look great on women with Nicole’s kind of facial structure.

Image: InStyle
Image: Lively

Lovely Braided Updo
This is a top choice if you are confused about what hairstyle you should wear to a wedding occasion; might be a perfect style for the bride herself in some cases. The versatility of this braided updo is impressive, you can even blend it with a casual outfit and it will look great still. The style ensures that her hair is braided firmly high up her head and has a slight untidy look which gives the entire hair structure a classy appearance.

Image: Glamour
EllePop Haircuts2Hollywood Life
Image: Hollywood Life

Adorable Straight Bob
Nicole Richie looks radiant in this Bob Haircut. The hair has a blend of brown tone and black shades which blend perfectly with her skin. It is also perfectly trimmed with a nice side parting which forms the right frame for her face. A simple hairstyle that will require a simple makeup to go with.

Shelley Klinefelter
Image: Shelley Klinefelter
Styles Weekly
Image: Styles Weekly

Blonde Bob with Bangs
Nicole has her bangs working really well for her here and it forms the right cover for her forehead and at the same time draws attention to her beautiful eyes and face. The nice blonde tone works really well with the little dark shades to complete the look.

Image: Glamour
Mary Kravets
Image: Mary Kravets

Raven Hair Knot
This is a great choice for women who want to look younger than their current age and also for young girls who want to steal the show at a party. The thick shiny black color brings beauty and elegance to the entire setup, also the over-grown bangs help to reduce age and old look.

Image: Lively
isearch avg
Image: isearch avg

Long Straight Formal Hairstyle
This is perfect for a formal gathering or event and would look great with some expensive and radiant jewelry. There are lots of parts and aspects to this hair, the side swept bangs cover her forehead and some parts of her face in a glittering manner. Also, the visible deep side part creates a platform for the hair to fall to the back of her head and she forms a small pony with it. Nicole opts for an excellent blend between golden tones and dark shades for the hair color which matches beautifully with her skin tone.

Pop Haircuts
Image: Pop Haircuts
Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro

Twisted Bun
Women who have short hair can rock this style without stress and Nicole shows exactly how this can be done in the picture above. Pack your hair to the back of your head, twist the ends casually and hold it firmly with a nice headband.

Image: StyleCaster
Image: Elle

Medium Bob hairstyles
Nicole sure loves her side swept bangs and she shows what she can do with them with this medium hairstyle.

Pop Haircuts2
Image: Pop Haircuts
Style Bistro2
Image: Style Bistro

Pompadour by Nicole Richie
If you have got a nice forehead shape and size, this style will look absolutely gorgeous on you just like it does on Nicole. For this edgy chic look, pack all your hair to the back and fluff the top. This style will not work for ladies with a square or long face.

Styles Vill
Image: Styles Villa
Image: Zimbio

Medium Hairstyle
This is a style for women with medium hair. Preferably, you should try a lighter hair color like the one in the picture above.

Many women follow Nicole Richie based on her the level of her career success, but her style and the gorgeous hairstyles which she flaunts all the time, are also a good reason to imitate her.
Try a new style and change your look.

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