20 Nikki Reed Hairstyles

With a mother beautician, Nikki Reed takes pride in displaying the wonders she can achieve with her flowing, silky hair. From being knitted up to letting it casually flow, Reed can master any look.

She thanks a well-balance diet for providing her with nutritionally healthy locks and claims to use straight organic foods, such as egg yolk, mayonnaise, and avocado, to achieve a sheen that just doesn’t quit. So, without further ado, her are 10 styles that Reed makes work for her:

EN Loulou Magazine
Image: EN Loulou Magazine

Flowy Updo
Accenting her picturesque profile, this pinned updo shows hints of a covered ear and plays up the softness of her jawline. It screams class while reserving a sense of playfulness and does well in highlighting her open neck.

Image: GLAMOUR Magazine UK
Style Bistro2
Image: Style Bistro

Long and One-Sided
Again, playing up her facial beauty, Reed uses this pulled-over look as a way to highlight her natural beauty while leaving room to show-off her hair’s natural bounce. It is a look reminiscent of the ��80s sans any remnant of the tackiness that can be involved in such styles.

Queen of Blending
Image: Queen of Blending
Jakerosenberg CA
Image: Jakerosenberg CA

Long and Wavy
Retaining a light wave as it falls over her shoulders, this look demonstrates beauty through simplicity. It draws attention to her luminous eyes, which are accentuated by the subtle highlights streaming at her flipping ends.

Image: InStyle
Image: Glamour

Pulled Back and Curly
While pulling back just half so to accentuate her face again along revealing a bare collarbone, Reed allows her luscious curls to cascade down over her shoulders for a look this is smart, sleek, and sexy.

Image: Fanpop
Image: Listal

Loose Updo
Reed nails the ideal balance between being neatly pinned back and unleashing long, wavy strands. This messy chic look frames her facial features while obscuring ever so slightly. A relaxed look is achieved through small teasing and a center part, thus working with the oval shape of her face.

Image: Zimbio
Style Bistro3
Image: Style Bistro

Side Braid with Curls
Though braids can at times look too constructed and uptight, Reed manages to keep it all loose and fun, with a tight braid that cuts between a mess of flowing curls that roll along her shoulder. It’s a neat experiment in splicing order with chaos that creates a wholly unique look fitting to her personality.

Teen Vogue
Image: Teen Vogue
Image: StyleCaster

Short and Free
This style shows that not every hair has to be in the exact right place in order to create a look that is inviting and engaging. Lightly tussled hair hanging just above her shoulders with a center part frames her face and lets her collarbones and neck shine. Keeping it dark without highlights accentuate the naturalness of this chic look.

Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro
Sai Sankoh
Image: Sai Sankoh

Pulled Back and Falling
With a center part and the volume created by heavily teasing the top and back of her hair, Reed’s pulled back style is about as elegant as hair styles come. Subtle waves tumble down over her shoulders while leaving her neck bare. Long parted bangs frame her face, adding to the oval shape of it, drawing one to the magnificence of her features.

Marie Claire
Image: Marie Claire
Image: Glamour

Loose Side Braid
This sweeping braid is about as natural as any braid can look. Expertly wrapped around the side of her head, its hangs loosely over the front of her left should, highlighting the exquisiteness of the braids craft. Going with a side part helps provide a much needed balance to the style that only adds to its sophistication.

Just Jared
Image: Just Jared
Just Jared2
Image: Just Jared

Long, Straight Center Part
Going with the fashion staple for those with long, luscious, healthy hair, this long, straight style with a center part pairs well with the subtle highlights, as it is the best medium for showing off the range of color such hair can hold. It is elegant in its straightforwardness and shows that Reed fully comprehends and appreciates the richness of her hair.

Nikki Reed has been blessed with gorgeously thick and shining hair, which she flaunts with a wide range of styles, from short and wavy to long and straight. She can pin it up while remaining playful or let it flow in all of its inherent elegance.
It doesn’t matter if she’s on the red carpet or just heading out to the store, the richness of Reed’s hair is always being shown off through her inventive styles. It shows that Reed is acutely aware of her many pros and knows just how to highlight each of them in a plethora of ways. There is no hair style that she can’t make work for her and her luscious locks.

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