20 Olivia Munn Hairstyles

Olivia Munn Hairstyles.
Olivia Munn is an American film and TV actress, model, writer, and journalist. She has a much envied oval facial shape, considered by some to show femininity, and allows almost any style she puts to her dark locks to be flattering to her features.

She seems never to have gone for little to no colour changes for her hair, in fact the only real colour change we’ve seen from her are the purple highlights she wore as her character in X Men Apocalypse.

Image: About.com

This mid-length bob, starting from an off-centre parting, ending with very soft, tousled waves that curve inwards below her ears. The whole look has a very natural, and effortless feel, but simultaneously gives off a classy aura, and beautifully frames her features.

Harper's Bazaar
Image: Harper’s Bazaar
Just Jared
Image: Just Jared

This longer style from Ms. Munn features tighter curls, adding volume to the lower half of her hair, and accentuating her stronger jaw line. Hair bangs, which start at an off-centre parting, are understated, and flow down gracefully into her curls. It is a look that works well for anyone with a narrower, or longer face, and will balance out the features of anyone with a diamond facial shape.

Image: Lively
Hollywood Pix
Image: Hollywood Pix

One of the longest styles we’ve seen from her, Ms. Munn is sporting a very casual look, with long, lazy curls, tumbling down from a side parting, the hair on top tousled back, and to one side, seemingly by her own hand.

Image: Byrdie
Hairstyle Stars
Image: Hairstyle Stars

Another, almost faux casual hairstyle has a classy vintage feel to it, her hair tied up at the back, with her bangs allowed to flow loosely and freely from the sides of her head, framing her face perfectly. The loose hairs that frame the edge of the hairstyle give the impression that she has styled her own hair, a decision that shows confidence on her part, if true, and at least gives the impression, if not.

Tom and Lorenzo
Image: Tom and Lorenzo

This longer length bob, classy and understated, flows naturally down from a side parting, with one side tucked behind her ear, the tips curving in beneath, the other coming down close to her eye, before sweeping outward at the bottom.

Beauty Editor2
Image: Beauty Editor
Image: About.com

Ms. Munn can be seen here with a simple, almost girl next door, hairstyle. Her bangs have a long, relaxed sweep down from an off-centre parting, the style ending at the tips with a few loose waves to provide some shape to the look.

Beauty Editor
Image: Beauty Editor
Image: Grazia

A simple ponytail, neatly tying up a long hairstyle, her hair still easily reaching her back in relaxed, natural curls. A common theme through all of Ms. Munn’s styles is the apparent vitality of her hair, always seeming to shine, almost as if wet.

Image: StyleCraze
Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro

While it was likely a calculated decision, less effort seems to have gone into this style, with its slightly fluffy quality. Volume has once again been added to the lower part of the style, with the use layered, tousled curls. Her parting has once again been placed off-centre, her bangs lifting slightly, before falling down and away from her face, getting lost in the curls at toward the bottom.

Style Bistro2
Image: Style Bistro
Vogue Magazine
Image: Vogue Magazine

Minimal styling has been applied here, Ms. Munn apparently deciding to go for a simple, natural look. Her hair, as always, frames her features wonderfully, with heavier bangs falling from an off-centre parting, down either side of her face, ending in a subtle wave, to add some shape to the style.

Image: Zimbio
Style Bistro3
Image: Style Bistro

Another longer style, Ms. Munn has once again chosen to go for a subtly styled look, her hair tumbling down to her middle back. The cut seems to have been given shape, with shorter bangs that here appear to only just reach past her shoulders, helping to frame her face, helping the longer style to flatter her features.

The lack of colour change that we’ve seen from Munn’s hair is somewhat of a peculiarity in Hollywood, where it is common for dramatic style changes to occur frequently, both for acting roles, and in order to keep up with trends, but it is comforting to find someone who has found a look that they like, and that works for them, and has the self confidence stick with it.

Ms. Munn has shown an impressive flexibility in hairstyles, both short and long, casual and formal, and provides a good example for anyone who would like to update their hairstyle seasonally, without having their hair dyed every few months, thereby accumulating damage.

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