20 Olivia Palermo Hairstyles

American socialite and debonair fashion icon who has had experience working under prominent icons such as Diane von Furstenberg, Olivia Palermo continually redefines trends through her glamorous hairstyles.

Whether she’s attending a high-end fashion show or is out for a quick run to the coffee shop, Palermo is always sure to stun onlookers with unique, defining hairstyles.

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Pulled Back Curls with a Center Part
This look flaunts the amount of volume and fullness that her hair is able to hold. The center part with pinned back sides highlights her beautifully angular features, especially her luminous eyes. The curls cascading down over her shoulders create the oxymoron of well-ordered chaos, beauty with a tinge of messiness. All of this works to create a look that is at once casual and glamorous.

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Petiscos Julia Petit
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Center Part with Soft Waves
Here Palermo is able to demonstrate her feminine power through a look that abounds with a sense of seriousness. The bangs-less center part allows for a perfect framing of her face, and the subtle waves toward her tips that kiss her shoulder tops highlight the strength and healthiness of her hair.

Olivia's Style2
Image: Olivia’s Style
Olivia Palermo the Socialite2
Image: Olivia Palermo the Socialite

Straight Updo
This updo is ideal for elegant functions and for those who have necks they wish to flaunt. Using two ribbons to expertly frame the face, the neck is allowed to breath without Palermo’s normally full locks occluding it. This look demonstrates poise, grace, and sophistication through its well-ordered though loosely contained structure. The added volume teased in the back also helps to provide some much needed depth to make this a strong style.

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Long, Luscious Curls
Here again Palermo is parading the lusciousness that her hair is capable of holding. These curly locks tumbling over her shoulders emits a sheen only found in the healthiest of hair, and the sweep over shows a sense of carefreeness that’s both playful and classy. It’s a sexy style that commands respect.

Get the Look Olivia Palermo
Image: Get the Look Olivia Palermo
Steal the look
Image: Steal the look

Dark, Wavy Part
By adding a little more wave to her shoulder-length cut, Palermo is able to effectively define a look that is ideal for hitting the city streets, showing that it’s easily managed and will play well with any breeze. Going with a milk chocolate coloring pairs well with the autumnal season, providing warmth in the face of brisk fall winds.

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Social Bliss
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Straight and Center
Few people can pull off a center part as simple as this, but because Palermo’s hair can hold any amount of color and vitality, she does it with ease. The straight-down, center-part look is a staple for those with nutrient-rich hair who love flaunting the natural color inherent in their hair.

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Olivia's Style4
Image: Olivia’s Style

Elegant Braid
Again, Palermo is able to show off her neck and stunning face by weaving her glorious locks into a tight braid that can be classily draped over the shoulder. It’s a look that is functional both for the glamorous events involved in her life as well as heading to the gym, in that the hair is tightly done up and expertly woven for a style that will last all day and night.

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Olivia's Style
Image: Olivia’s Style

Loose Braid
For those wanting to remain sexy while being low-key, this look is a must-have. The loose braid seems to be done out of quick necessity rather than as a result of a predetermined look, showing a flexibility in Palermo’s character. It is relaxed, loose, and oozing fun, showing her more light-hearted side that makes her one of the most-popular socialites.

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Olivia's Style
Image: Olivia’s Style

Messy Updo
Allowing a certain amount of freeness with random ribbons of hair keeps this look functional and sexy. While the bun manages to keep supreme order, there a touch of looseness that allows this style to be both chic and lively.

Harper's Bazaar
Image: Harper’s Bazaar
Glam Radar
Image: Glam Radar

Tightly Pulled Back and Long Locks
There is no messing around with this seriously sophisticated hairstyle that demands each hair to be in its precise place. Tightly pulling it back allows for the display of her dynamic face sans any interference. This is a look that works only at the classiest of events and will certainly leave others talking about it for ages to come.

Ever since her premier on The City back in 2008, multitalented socialite Olivia Palermo has taken the world by storm with her sublime fashion intuitions and bold looks.

Relishing in her hair’s inherent healthiness and ability to be teased, pulled back, curled, or straightened, Palermo makes it a goal to sport hairstyles that complement her God-given beauty, whether at chic fashion shows or heading out for some quick errands.

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