20 Ombre Bob Hairstyles

Ombre hair – or hair that has been coloured in gradations, subtle or otherwise – started trending back in the year 2000 when pop star Aaliyah began sporting it in her locks. Was it an accident? Was it a purposeful gesture? We will never know, and maybe we do not care, but it worked and stars of the ilk of Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian followed the lead, with this unique and unexpected blend of hair colour that is not only easy to maintain, but frisky and fresh-looking.

But you too can take a page out of the hair fashion books of your most favourite and beautiful celebs by styling your hair similarly. Short ombre bob hairstyles are the new black on the hair fashion stakes, but more than that, they are about versatility, elegance and easy manageability. Indeed, the short ombre bob is like the little black dress that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Here are some variations on the theme, epitomised by the crowning glories of some contemporary celebrities.

Alice Watson
Image: Alice Watson

Chloe Moretz’s jagged and curly ombre bob frames her face with a gentle ferocity. Tucked behind one ear, with bangs that reach below her chin, it’s a style which envelops the pixie-like quality of her face.

Alice Watson2
Image: Alice Watson
The Colour Parlor
Image: The Colour Parlor

The layering in Charlize Theron’s bob lends a lazy and comfortable texture to her hairstyle, but the ombre applied to its colour enhances the nuances in her hair even further.

Image: Kelseyraehair
Huffington Post
Image: Huffington Post

Emma Watson’s dead straight hair is cut to embrace her face which tends to be quite long. With a deep sideways sweep, the hair is light and luxurious with ombre on the tips.

Bob Hairstyle
Image: Bob Hairstyle
Bob Hairstyle2
Image: Bob Hairstyle

Emma Thompson’s bob is swept up, demonstrating the smooth flow of colour across the scalp. Cut tightly into the nape of her neck with a full bodied approach to the shape of the haircut, this style reeks of versatility and elegance.

Hairstyles Weekly
Image: Hairstyles Weekly
Fashion Knots
Image: Fashion Knots

Neat, discreet but not sedate: Jenni Falconer’s short bob features ombre at the scalp, but a straight and sculptural line which highlights the unique and delicate shape of her face.

Habit Salon
Image: Habit Salon
Hair Creations
Image: Hair Creations

A bouncy style, full of subtle nuances and layers is what Rebecca Atkinson carries. The hair is straight, very thick, richly coloured and shaped with skill.

Image: Stylecraze
Styles Weekly4
Image: Styles Weekly

Lying close to her head, this ombre bob of Natasha Bedingfield is a solution to dead straight hair. It is cut with blunt jagged edges and coloured with verve.

Styles Weekly3
Image: Styles Weekly
Image: Olaplex

Fearne Cotton’s long bob features ombre at the roots and sides, and blond and the tips. It is got huge body which gives it life and a gentle angle which complements her face.

Mary Kravets
Image: Mary Kravets
Short Haircut
Image: Short Haircut

A curly bob arguably lends frivolity and genuineness to a woman’s appearance and challenges the severity cast by straight hair. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, like Jaime King, the trick is getting the ringlets to land with a delicious naturalness.

Styles Weekly2
Image: Styles Weekly
Styles Weekly
Image: Styles Weekly

Emilia Clarke has dipped her tips in blond in this casual bob which clearly demonstrates a laissez-faire approach. With her hair all one length, the colour brings out a sense of volume and airiness.

Whether you like your tresses long and straight, big and bold, wild and frizzy or short and filled with curlicues, the bob cut, made famous by so-called flappers in the 1920s has certainly stood the test of time. In the your 2016, you too could look as elegant with delightfully manageable hair – that according to history, was one of the main reasons why the bob evolved as a haircut. Women just wanted to be in control of their hair.

But blending that sexy little bob with a dash of colour, a simpering of subtlety is the edge that you can give your tresses in the year 2016. Look like your favourite celebrity as you give that long and untameable hair the chop, but do not lose your femininity as you lend the shape of the style a spin of colour. Your hair, in so many ways, holds the roots of your identity. If you aspire to be that red head’ or that blonde’ that people will recognise, remember that you should always luxuriate in the health and magnificence of your crowning glory.

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