20 Trending Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

The term Ombre means to shade or be shaded and comes from the french. The word has been adopted by the hair world and is generally used when talking about hair which has been shaded dark at the roots and gradually gets lighter further down. Generally the technique used to produce this technique is called balayage which means it is a free form highlighting method. Foiling is not used in this method thus giving the end result a more natural look. This is the technique that is used with ombre hair.

Ombre is one of the newest and trendiest hair colors not only because of the myriads of shades it is available in but also the ease with which it can be applied. Bold or natural, the choice is yours!

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The ombre effect is amazing on a head of blond hair where the bottom half is a silvery blue hue. This tint works well on people with fair complexions and skin tones and is a fun color to add.

Dark brown hair in good condition will look stunning when flowing down into warm caramel shades. These locks can then be curled and given more volume to display all the warm tones. This is a style that works with fair to medium skin tones and also with very dark brown hair. If hair is lighter it may need to be darkened first in order for this style to work. For extra volume you should take smaller segments of hair to curl, this will ensure a heap of tighter rings.

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Medium brown hair can be made into a stunning feature by adding a bright blonde coloring at the bottom. If the hair is long enough this style and shading will work very well for braiding. When the ends are lightened you should make sure that the hair is in good condition. You should also be sure to use a good conditioning regime to keep the ends neat and free from splits.

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A different way to use ombre is to just do your bangs. This works well with bangs that are irregular and somewhat wispy. They would then be shaded a darker hue than the rest of the hair. Your face would then become the focal point of this style so pay attention to your make up especially around your eyes.

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For a ball of fire around your face you might consider a bright copper shade which fades down into the lighter corals shades. This color is definitely not for a shy, retiring person as you will understandably attract attention with this striking coloring scheme. This works best on light skin tones that look good with red shades. A naturally red head of hair works very well here but this is not essential as the whole head may be colored and then shaded downwards.

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Chocolate brown shading down into cherry red is good for people with any fair skin that can carry red well. Thick hair will be better here. The top half in the chocolate brown is kept straight while the cherry red becomes a mass of curls after tonging small sections at a time.

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When used with extremely blonde hair, the effect of pink ribbons can be achieved by shading long strands in bright pink from the roots downwards. Other shades which will work well with this are mint greens, baby blues or pale yellows. Don’t be afraid to try the pink, though as this goes with any pale skin tone.

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Short hair shaded in the ombre tradition is best started from just below the ears so that not much over half the hair length is shaded as this will keep the face in balance. The hair may be tonged slightly just to give it a little more body. Bob cuts with centre paths look very trendy with a centre path and a less than regular bottom line.

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Even pixie cuts can make use of different shading with the front area being shaded and the back in a contrast color.

Bright platimum ends can be used on a lighter brown and then curled tightly into ringlets to increase volume. This color works amazingly on light porcelain skin tones and medium to thick hair makes it look even better.

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A reverse ombre is where the light color starts at the top and works down into the darker color which then goes all the way down to the hair ends. This method is actually very good at concealing split ends of hair that is not in perfect condition.

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A few points here to remember when you choose this technique are that you should expect to get a haircut when you have your hair styled. You should start off with all the dead and split ends removed and then work with healthy hair. Before adding any shading you should discuss with the stylist just how dark the shading will be and be sure that it will match your skin tone and eyes.

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Ombre hair color has been so well received in the world of hairstyling that a majority of women are already trying it out. No matter whether these women are famous celebrities or everyday amateurs, this fabulous hair-coloring style is rising up the top fashion style charts.

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Ombre means shading if you are keen to know. The color pattern followed in this style consist of a dark color near the hair roots till the mid-section. It gradually moves up to the end of the hair with a lighter shade. This type of hairstyle is made using a technique called balayage.

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A great benefit of the Ombre hair color style is that it require low maintenance compared to other styles. It might look a little difficult to style that way but it is much easier than that. Moreover, you get beautiful looking hair with this style. A majority of salon offer this trending hairdo for women these days. So, it is important to understand tips for improving the look of an Ombre hair color style.

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Some benefits of Ombre hair color:

This hairdo offers a style that can suit almost anyone. The pattern is loved so much that it has recently gained so much fame. Adding them under the hairline makes them highlight its own unique touch. Moreover, it offers a great style with low maintenance. It can be a great way to try hair color for the first timers. It is a little time consuming to apply, but the procedure is simple if your stylist is familiar with the technique. Above all, it is trending which makes it a preferable fashion choice.

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Tips to accomplish a successful Ombre hair coloring style:

· Avoid using this hairdo with foils:

If you want to try it out with foils, then better think again. Highlighting the hair with foils will only make your hair inflict rough separation lines on the hair. Balayage technique which is involved in this hairstyle should not accompany foils. This is because the technique uses a hair lightener that does not work with the ones used with foils. This will separate the two lighteners making it look unusual. Moreover, your lightener should be kept full of moisture to keep it active at all times.

Prefer using white color for lightener which will help highlight the color. Keep applying the developer to the lightener which will help keep it moist. Using a coloring board helps keep the saturation levels high. It is preferable to use a balayage brush for coloring the hair.

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· Try keeping it clean, don’t worry if it is messed up:

The hair color process for Ombre comprises of two steps where first the base color is applied near the roots. After the hair are dry, the highlights are added to it. Hair stylists can speed up the process by doing both steps without the gap involving drying of hair. But, that will make the place a little messy too.

You should make sure to note the time required for the lightener to lift the hair though. The base hair color should not dry up before the application of the highlights. Your hair usually take more time to shine beyond the foil packet.

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· Coloring tips that you can count on for Ombre hair color:

Before using the balayage, cut the hair according to the placement of the two color shades. Be very careful while cutting so that you do not mess up your hard efforts. For applying accurately, a small brush would be prudent. But, do not use the brush unless the hair stay completely saturated. You should keep in mind that you can avoid a shining color as well. Experiment with the high and low shades to bring out the best combination for your hair. Backcombing also helps to make the hair lift naturally. Do not interfere with other sections of the hair while doing this or it might mess up the style.

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Ombre hair color is easy to do, all it takes is practice and understanding of the procedure to accomplish one. A lot of other fashion hairtstyles are coming up, but this one is currently one of the most popular ones. And, if you are a fashion fanatic and look forward to try out a new and interesting design on your hair, then Ombre coloring style will work just fine for you. With the tips offered above, you will soon realize how skillfully you can take care of your hair.

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If you still feel uncomfortable doing it on your own, then you can choose a proficient hairstylist to do it for you. The key is to avoid messing them up if you are nervous to try out yourself. So, try out this beautiful style and flaunt it among your friends. You will surely get a boosted up confidence once you receive admiration for this intuitive and alluring creation.

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