20 Kirsten Dunst Hairstyle

Image: glamour Kristen Dunst has maintained a steady career progress as an actress right from a tender age and she doesn’t seem to want to give up on living up to the initial hype that surrounded her emergence in the movie industry. Asides the obvious passion that drives her career, Kristen has also been able to […]

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20 Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Image: Hair Stylism If you say that everything about her life reflects style and class, you’d be correct a 100 percent. Kim Kardashian needs no introduction at all as her escapade in her family’s reality TV show and the attention she gives the press speaks volumes. We all know that she has the kind of body […]

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20 Kerry Washington Hairstyle

  Image: Beauty Editor Kerry Washington is a symbol of simplicity and the choices she makes regarding her hairstyles reflect this adorable nature of hers. Little wonder, not too long ago, Peoples Magazines named her the “best dressed woman of the year”. This is no easy feet to attain as we all know the fierce competition […]

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20 Dazzling Short Ombre Hair Ideas

Short Ombre Hair

The ombre hair colour that began to gain more prominence at the start of the new millennium seems to be in no hurry to leave anytime soon. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Ciara and Beyonce have all jumped on the ombre hair bandwagon at one time or the other. It gives the wearer some […]

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20 Lob Hairstyles You Will Love

Lob Hairstyles

With fall just around the corner, you are probably considering what haircut would be the best to help you transition into the new season. Everyone is raving about something called a lob cut these days, but what is it and will it work for your style and face shape? Image: People First, it is critical […]

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