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She is a style diva, a trendsetter in fashion, a model, a socialite, a businesswoman and much more. Always in the spotlight and a media heartthrob, she makes news almost every day! Yes, you guessed it right! She is Paris Hilton! A magnetic personality which has led many fashionistas to look up to her as a role model. Paris Hilton always makes sure to stun everybody and turn every camera towards her whenever she appears in public. One thing that makes her media favorite is her often changing hairstyle. She almost dawns a new hairdo in every appearance of hers!

Paris Hilton is symbolic with her blonde colored hair and she loves them. Her unique hairstyle forms her exclusive style statement on every occasion. Every fashion and style conscious girl want to adopt one of those glamorous looks of her. Her hairstyles are always the most noticeable and significant part of her makeover. With every changing hair style, Paris dawns a completely different look and attitude! She knows how to carry each one of them and does that beautifully! If you to want to make that rocking appearance in parties and functions, then you can simply follow her hairstyles! Some of them are as follows:

Celebs View
Image: Celebs View

Long curly hairstyle
This hairstyle though casual but looks really classy and glamorous. Her spiral curls make her look like a princess and the messy middle parting really pushes up the style quotient.

Image: Lively
Image: Fairywigs

The sophisticated Updo
This one simply is royal! Using a bobby pin, Paris locks her hair to the back. Giving a slight puff on the top is a very smart combination. Suitable for a professional or an evening party.

Her Interest
Image: Her Interest
Image: Zimbio

Curls with a side braid
She looks cute in this one with a thin side braid and her curly hair open. The braid and the curls mix hairstyle can be worn on any casual occasion.

Image: Lively
She Knows2
Image: She Knows

Short Bob Cut
Paris really looks fabulous in this one. Short Bob Cut hair, especially with those front hairs swept to the side is pretty hairstyle. Loved the way her front hair are given a razor cut for those rough edges.

Cliphair Hair Extensions
Image: Cliphair Hair Extensions
Image: iraccontidisibilla

Classic Bun
Everybody loves the bun and Paris look so gorgeous in this one. For a romantic evening, this one is the perfect hairstyle. The side parting gives it an elegant look as well.

Last Haircuts
Image: Last Haircuts
Styles Weekly
Image: Styles Weekly

Half up and half down
This one is really a clever hairstyle for every sort of occasion. Just bunch up half of your hair up and back and leave the rest open. Leave some bangs on the forehead to give it a rustic look.

My Haircuts
Image: My Haircuts
Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro

Voluminous Curls
So simple yet so glamorous! That fluffy hair with the magical curls will turn every head towards you. Paris really looks like a goddess in this avatar. Suitable for those with thin hair.

Style Bistro2
Image: Style Bistro
Celeb Wikis
Image: Celeb Wikis

Straight Hair with a parting
This one really is a clean and simple hairstyle. Straight long length hair always looks beautiful. The bright blonde color adds up to cheerfulness! Loved the slight mid-parted style.

Style Bistro3
Image: Style Bistro
She Knows
Image: She Knows

Double Braided Hair with Middle Parting
She looks a true diva in this one. Mid parted hair with loosely plaited braids and low pigtails. Simply amazing hairstyle for casual parties or outings.

Image: Lively
Image: Likes

Bow Hair Knot
Loved this gorgeous hairstyle! A little crafty but worth the efforts! The bow styled bun is suitable for any formal party.

Paris Hilton had truly evolved herself in terms of fashion and especially her ever innovative hairstyles. She manages to pull every new hairstyle easily. When one take efforts to groom her looks and try to look beautiful, the most weighted role is played by the hair and the most difficult as well! Hats off to Paris for maintaining this beautiful style routine! These hairstyles have now become a part of her beauty and one always waits with baited breath in anticipation of a new one!

Also, looking at these amazing hairstyle of Paris must have made you realize that how much a change in hairstyle can affect your look. In fact, a hair style seals up your final look and defines your overall style. Variations in everyday hairstyle is a little tough job but taking efforts to style your hair for a special occasion do make a lot of fashion sense! Next time you enter the party with one of the ��Hilton Hairstyle’, be prepared for the spotlight!

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