20 Pretty Braided Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Braided Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Braids hairstyles look very lovable and innocent, especially for school girls and teenagers. Braiding your hair is the best possible way to have a glamorous look wherever you are. There are several types of braid hairstyles that you can choose respectively, according to your needs and location. There are simple, which you alone can do, and there are difficult braid hairstyles that you need someone to do it for you. Whatever braids hairstyle you prefer, always keep in mind to keep your hair fair and strong so you cannot experience any hair problems after braiding.

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Braided Hairstyle

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1. Crown Braid

Two braids make a crown. Part your hair down in the middle, and then secure one side of the hair with a clip or elastic so it won’t mix with the other side. Grab a section of your hair at the nape and split it into 3 equal sections. Then start making a French braid, keep braiding and wrap it around the side of the head. Grab a second braid and do the same. Grab the braid resting on the forehead, and then secure it with Bobbi pins.

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2. Front Braid

Front braid hairstyle is very simple and is suggested for everyday use. The first step is to use a texture spray it will help you show dramatically braids. Start with small pieces in the front, then split it in 3 parts, continue braiding without adding more hair. Use a clip or clear elastic to hold the braid and eyeball where you would insert the Bobbi pins.

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Braided Hairstyle

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3. Inside Out Braid

This Inside Out braid hairstyle is best for women with short hair. Easy to do, just part your hair and take a section at the front, then divides it into 3. Next, plate together in a French braid bringing the sections in from underneath. Braid in section from the top, only then leaves the rest of your hair hanging down under the braid. Finish the first side in a plate and secure with elastic. Then repeat steps 3-5 on the other side, then tie the two sides together using elastic and pin it underneath using a Bobbi pin.

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Side Braided

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4. Topsy Tail

The Braided Topsy Tail is one of the simplest braids and is easy to do. Start by sectioning the layers of your hair from your ear forward on one side, and on the same side, you have to put your hair in a low side ponytail design. Next, is turning the ponytail inside out thru creating at the base and pushing the end of the ponytail down through the hole. Then, take the section you just left and braid it. Loose the braid and tuck its end down through the hole you created. And finally, twist the end of the braid around the hole and use elastic to hide it. Use Bobbi pins to lock.

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Braided Hairstyle

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5. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid style is ideal for weddings and formal occasions for it brings a high level of formality in the simplest and gorgeous way. You just have to part your hair naturally, grab a small piece at the front and divide into 3 sections, just like the usual braiding process. Next, create a French braid of 2-3 inches, and drop the top section of your French braid. Keep moving around the head and when you reach the other side, secure the end using Bobbi pins.

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Braided Hairstyle

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6. Front Braid to Sock Bun

Front braid to sock bun is a combination of dual braiding that will absolutely give you a classic look. Determine what kind of braiding style you wanted for this; whether a thick one or a thin braid. Create a French style braid first down the front, but stopped at the ear and finished doing a normal braid up to the end. Fastened it and set aside, then do a little teasing on the hair. Next put the braided piece into a ponytail and there you go for a sock bun accessory. In this braid hairstyle you can use bobby pins and doughnuts which you can buy from any hair supply store.

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Waterfall Braid

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7. Fish Tail Braid

Fish Tail Braid has been popular a couple of years ago, which is just perfect for long hair to see the best possible results. Before braiding your hair using this fish tail braid, you must first brush your hair to remove the knots and tangles so that it will not be difficult for the person who will braid your very long hair.

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