20 Quick Hairstyles That You Rock On the Go

quick hairstyles

We have all had that moment in our life when you are faced with a mirror, a brush and the clocks of time loudly ticking behind you. You turn the curling iron on then back off. Then on again. You start brushing hoping miraculously that your hair will do exactly the right thing. You soon come to realize it is not. In that very minute you reach for a rubber band, a headband and a hair clip. As you run out of hands the time feels like an actual pressure. Sound familiar? This article is here to help. When you need a quick hairstyle, Don’t feel dismayed. There are many styles that are quick and simple yet look like you just stepped out of a salon.

Long hair and short hair alike can be chic and stylish in quick hairstyle fashion. Twists and turns, pins and curls will be a part of your daily regimen. Live life on the styling edge and keep your look fresh. Find a favorite hairstyle and try a few more. Whether your going to work, school or another engagement, let you hair speak for itself and be the perfect accompaniment to your fashionable senses. In the images you will see below, we have brought refreshing looks and hair designs that are sure to inspire you.

Quick Hairstyle

001 Simple-Bobby-Pinned-Hairstyle 20

Image: Bustle

A simple pin on the side creates a sweeping look. A light wave is worn naturally. The side is turned gently creating a stylish look. Side bangs allow for a whimsical and carefree appeal.

Elegant Bobby Pinned Updo Hairstyle

002 Elegant-Bobby-Pinned-Updo-Hairstyle 20

Image: Polyvore

An updo that is neatly brought back and secured gently with pins. Lightly teased hair creates volume that is quick and simple. Bangs are parted framing the style.

Easy Ways to Style Hair

003 quick-and-easy-ways-to-style-hair-3 20

Image: The Every Girl

Taking the crown center of your hair and pulling it back into a loose ponytail creates dimension. The rest of the hair is left natural which creates a simple and elegant style that is well noted.

Chic Ponytail

004 ActressJe_John_58615530_Max_3 20

Image: Hair to The Brain

This is not just any ponytail. By sleekly brushing you hair back following its natural line you create a high end fashionable look. The rubber band is placed in the center versus high or low to offer a trendy style.

The Mess Up-Do

005 g1e3k81q54c7a318e352f409658819 20

Image: Updo Princess

This style looks intricate however it is considered a quick and easy style. By curling your hair and then pinning and tucking in an alternate pattern you will obtain this brilliant style for your very own.

Sleek Ponytail

006 enhanced-buzz-21758-1375288371-26 20

Image: Outfit Trends

Take your ponytail to the next level by neatly pulling it back and then taking strands of hair and crossing them around the rubber band. This not only hides the band it also looks stylish and chic.

Fast Hairstyle

007 1-Easy-and-fast-hairstyles-2015-for-party 20

Image: Hairz Style

Elegant style is a breeze when you sweep your hair to the side. Placing sections of hair by crossing them over one another and securing them in hidden pins will give you a winning style.

Easy Braided

008 Hair-Romance-easy-braid-updo-4 20

Image: Hair Romance

A romantic style is dawned when you loosely make a low braid and then twist it at the nape. Hints of color and pops of personality add charisma to this hair style design.

Quicky Hairstyle

009 headband-tuck-bun-2016 20

Image: Layered Hairstyles

This neatly rolled styled is wrapped around the hair band. Neatly placed pins keep the wind from straying. Hair is intentionally accented in the front creating an alluring approach.

Hair Bow

010 hair bows 20

Image: Hair and Makeup by Steph

This is a clever way to put a literal twist on the tried and true half up half down style. Making a hair bow out of your own hair is an ingenious and creative way to start your morning.

Triple Braided Bun

011 prettySimple_TripleBun_Title 20

Image: Camille Styles

This style is separated and pulled back in a dimensional design. Looping your hair and then pinning it along the bottom base line is simple and a lovely look.

Easy Chignon with Poof

012 low-sleek-bun 20

Image: Manouvelle Mode

By lightly teasing your hair and then sweeping it back you create a voluminous updo. The hair is twisted and rounded at the nape of the neck lending a classic appeal to a favorite look.

Half Up Down

013 half-up-half-down-wedding-hair 20

Image: Once Wed

Long wavy locks are fit for a fairy princess in this special style. The hair is brought back on the only the sides and twisted around the crown. Pins are placed underneath creating a continuous crown.

Quick Romantic Hairstyle

014 maxresdefault1 20

Image: Your Hair

Similar to a fish tail braid this side style is banded in stages with thin colored bands that takes the look to a new page. The braid is set opposite of the bang direction allowing for symmetrical balance.

High Ponytail Crown

015 1-formal-pony-hairstyle-for-long-straight-hair 20

Image: Moukhtar Safadi Tallet El Khayat

You will feel glamorous in this high ponytail hair design. The hair is brought up high and secured ensuring it has a cascading effect. A thick braid is wrapped around the width of the crown creating a high societal style.

Quick Friendly Hairstyle

016 79366d2152927284cfa25eed090e175c 20

Image: 0

This quick trendy tip will have you running for your straightener. Place a braid to the side and use a medium to high heat straightener to set the braid.

Once completed you have loose waves that you can style any way you choose.

Easy Romantic Updo

017 38b83031f6ae51695d02e44a7f8c721a 20

Image: Cup of Jo

A witty and poetic style brings the sides back in a half french twist. The look has a natural set and it is unnecessary to make sure each strand is placed. With this look you will be ready for any occasion.

Quick Hairstyle

018 601b8ad39864da804e349e3554835a97 20

Image: Ott Mag

Natural and loose this hair style is free spirited. A golden head band is expertly placed which allows the hair to blend nicely with the forward bangs and length.

Quick Hairstyle

019 gw-1 20

Image: All for Fashion Design

Get elaborate curls in half the time with a wide barrel curling iron. Neatly section the hair into desired pieces and wrap around starting at the base of the hair versus the end. This will give you lavish hairstyles with perfect spirals.

Quick Hairstyle

020 10-10-Quick-and-Easy-Hairstyles-for-party-7 20

Image: Hairzty

With neatly straightened hair add a touch of flair in the matter of a minute. A one inch section of hair is brought to the side and neatly secured at the back giving you a flawless style.

With these quick hair styles and trends you will have more of the day to enjoy. Depending on your destination and plans you can wear your hair up or down with ease. A simple matter of tying your hair back or pinning it to the side takes just a few moments. You can bring a style from drab to fab using any of these timeless tips. Changing your hairstyle every now and thenĀ  is simple and a fashion necessity. Your hair is an accessory to your ultimate style. The hair design you choose for the will make you feel confident and ready for anything the day may bring. Hair bands are stylish and come in several colors and designs to pick from. Hide and seek pinning techniques will create a seamless look and the right heating elements and styling tools will make your morning as easy as the sunrise.

Take your style to the next level in half the time. Your hairstyle is an extension of your individual style. Adding color or accents can embellish your look. Twisting and braiding are clever and witty in any style where as leaving it naturally flowing can be refreshing. There are many elements in putting together your fashionable look. Your mood and how you feel , your plans and inspirations all play key roles in the style you choose to wear. Put your best hair forward and start each day anew. Look in the mirrors reflection and remember the best part of your morning…… is you.


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