20 Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon: The top hairstyles, and her secret to look young.
The latest celebrity to get her long locks cut, the Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon moved away from her casual hairstyles to a younger look. The 40-year old actress recently got a haircut from a celebrity hair stylist, and can be seen sporting a fresh summer cut layered around her face.

The actress is known to keep a straight hair look, and it seems to have worked best for her, especially with that huge smile. While curls and long hair suit her the most, the actress has not been shy to experiment with her hairstyles, having been spotted a lot of times wearing a loose bun, and even adding a hue at times.

While her mesmerizing blue eyes, and an amazing jaw line continuous to add a final touch to her facial features, just mixing a bright lipstick with her hairstyles can do wonders for her overall look. We look at the top styles she has worn throughout her career.

Good Housekeeping
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Going short for the summer
The celebrity hair stylist Cervando is behind the new summer hairstyle the actress is seen sporting. Entering the 40s age group, the front layered fall and the volume effect does chop down a few years from her age.

Short Hairstyles CO
Image: Short Hairstyles CO
Mary Kravets
Image: Mary Kravets

The Romantic Waves
Looking at the hairstyles the actress has worn since her getting noticed in the industry, we can make out her love for wavy hair. This hairstyle from 2016 shows that the side partition along with the falling waves adds to her screen personality of love and romance. That polished hue adds that bit of sensuality to her overall look.

Hello Magazine
Image: Hello Magazine
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Long and Casual
Name one other actress who can wake up with her long straight casual hair, and still look like a celebrity. While the long tresses can be the easiest to style, Witherspoon does carry that young and fun charm very well with the hairstyle. The square face of her is the secret why casual and straight hairstyles suit her best.

Divine Caroline
Image: Divine Caroline
Image: Zimbio

Retro with a bob
The medium length hairstyle shows the actress adding a retro look to her avatar. The bob and the curls give her the fresh and beauty look. Not exactly a hairstyle which can be carried by one and all, the actress does nail it beautifully by tucking the unbuckling curls behind her ears. Away from her casual hairstyles, the smile and the retro hairstyle brings out the innocence in her

Getty Images
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US Weekly2
Image: US Weekly

The straight updo
While this remains a formal hairdo, Witherspoon does scream of elegance in the look. The straight hair updo and the hue from dark to light adds to the sophistication element, but her smile makes sure that she doesn’t outdo it. While the hairstyle suits people with oval, triangle, round and heart shaped faces, the broad smile and the tress of hair on her forehead makes sure that the actress stands out from any competition.

Image: M Huffpost
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Long and straight with a puff
Another one to add to the casual brigade, the front puff accentuates her forehead, and wonderfully complements her lips and the jawline. The straight & casual hairstyles have been worn by the actress for long, but she has never failed to add a surprise element to this.

Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles
Image: Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles
Image: Crushuldesac

Brown hue with waves
Moving away from the blonde hues, the brown color, and the waves speak that the actress can carry darker shades very well, and doesn’t mind experimenting with colors. The center partition and the falling waves over her shoulders adds a steamy element the overall look. While not exactly a hairdo for a formal event, this hairstyle is surely for those first dates where you want to mesmerize one and all.

Divine Caroline2
Image: Divine Caroline
Image: Elle

Casual bob
The casual bob sported by the actress gives her the girl next door image. The short hair which bends towards her neck to the edges, gives her that fresh and young look. The side partition covers her forehead slightly to the right, but gives that fullness to her face by adding a bit of volume.

Hairstyles Tattoos
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Hair News
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Long with a bang
We don’t have to completely wave away from the bang-fad, do we? The young and fresh trait bestowed upon this evergreen hairstyle is done completely justice for when the actress sported it. Don’t miss out on that dark hue on the tip of her hair. The bangs make her look lively, and the darker hue to the edge makes sure that the bangs look complete.

Suburban Men
Image: Suburban Men
US Weekly
Image: US Weekly

The side partition
Do you spot that hairclip which has kept the side partition in place? And do you see a conservative personality spewing out form ther hairdo? The very few of styles adopted by the actress which takes attention away from her mesmerizing eyes, and more towards her hair. The way texture falling to the shoulder adds to that bit of cheer element needed to finish it off.

Reese Witherspoon continues to be one of those actresses known for her conservative, and casual hairstyles. Her square face, along with those prettiest blue eyes ensures that the onlookers eyes remains glued to her face. This is one of the few reasons why a straight and casual hairstyle suits her the best.

The Legally Blonde actress is known for her fun and chirpy roles, but this doesn’t imply that she doesn’t want to experiment with her hair. Having sported darker hues, to wavy shades, and even the summer bangs, her hairdo’s can easily subtract a few years from her age, and add to the young and chirpy image.

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