20 Rihanna Hairstyles

Rihanna Hair styles are what you need to see.
Sometimes referred to as the hair chameleon, Rihanna has always left her numerous fans stunned by the number of her hairdos which she frequently churns out. Whilst they are still trying to figure out exactly what the source of her hair inspiration is, she comes up with yet another style.

We look at a number of the African American singer’s hair styles in this write up. Who knows if we might be able to discern her moods and why she shows up with her styles.

Adoring Rihanna
Image: Adoring Rihanna

The Short Neck length Bob
Rihanna dons a bob style here. She lets one side of her hair run longer than the other and seems to disrupt the normal style that has both sides equal. Being a penchant for short hairstyles; her hair stops at the neck. It is a great style for oval faced persons seeking to project their faces

Smoking Something with Rihanna
Image: Smoking Something with Rihanna
Image: Elle

The faucet curls
This style is commonly referred to as the shaved side. She completes this famous style with faucet-like curls and introduces a texture to the hairdo that is slightly wavy. You are definitely set to go with this style whether you are dinning with the president or having coffee with a colleague.

Image: Elle
Image: Cosmopolitan

The Tapered cut
Rihanna’s hairstyle here shows an aspect of her person; her almost bossy side. The sides and back of her hair in this case have tapered cuts. She then has some form of fringe at the front which has also undergone some careful tapering. Great style if you love the idea of being sassy.

Be Trend Setter
Image: Be Trend Setter
We Heart It
Image: We Heart It

The messy bun/middle part bang
Here, Rihanna achieves this pretty simple hairdo by having fringes parted right at the middle of her hair and of course creating a little messy bun; with her hair pulled back.

Image: Stylecraze
Have a Good Hairday
Image: Have a Good Hair Day

The Honey blonde curls
With the right hair dye to create this color, you should be able to achieve this style that runs to her shoulders with slight curls. This style is your irregular simple and not so complicated hairdo any day and time.

Huffington Post
Image: Huffington Post
Harper's Bazaar2
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Shaved Spike
Rihanna is at it again with this style; the style crosses between tomboy and rock star if you ask me. She ensures that there is a complete shave of the cut here whilst ensuring that the blonde top part of her hair ends in a slightly skewed shape.

Carla Dani Miranda
Image: Carla Dani Miranda
British Vogue
Image: British Vogue

Light curls, fringe and the ombre blonde
A number of times people are usually concerned about what style fits best especially when they have to compare it with their skin color. Rihanna tells ladies with this hairstyle that you can get it right irrespective of your color. All you need to do is find the right shade. Well back to the style. Rihanna does a shoulder length style of ombre with light blonde. There are also adequate curls to complement the style. The style also comes with its fair share of a lavish bang.

Vogue Magazine
Image: Vogue Magazine
Image: juneambrose

Brown ombre & curls
This ombre hairstyle that Rihanna wears here has a mix of colors. The roots begin with a darker shade of brown that eventually dwindle to a much lighter brown color as it flows to her shoulder region. She also has wavy curls beginning from her cheekbone; all the way to her shoulders. Exploring a few other colors that could produce this same result is a welcome idea. Seek out a great dress to go with it also.

Shop Wigsbuy
Image: Shop Wigsbuy
Smoking Something with Rihanna2
Image: Smoking Something with Rihanna

The red spiral curls
This should be one of her most definitive pictures. She wears obvious red curls that spiral from all over. They also come across as being bouncy and stop at the nape. Great stylists will tell you that this style goes with any face shape. So go ahead and try out this hairstyle.

Image: Glamour
Harper's Bazaar
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

The Honey blonde bowl cut
If there is anything we have found out about this celebrity is that; she loves the honey blonde color and is a stickler for short hairstyles. She puts on a special bowl cut in this style this is nothing short of edgy and definitely short; stops just a little above her ears. It also carries with it a bang and looks like a successful redo can be achieved with a different tone or color.

We are of the opinion that Rihanna’s hairstyle has brought more options to hair enthusiasts than a number of other celebrities have and there is no telling what further styles she has up her sleeves.

Remember to stick with what works for you but for ladies who are probably of African American origin, you sure have a number of styles to look up and choose from or refrain from using. After all, she has proven that your skin color works well with any of these styles.

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