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The Hollywood star; Salma Hayek needs no introduction as we must have all seen her in one or more movies over time. Whilst Hollywood is showbiz and we expect all forms of appearances to either fit into different movie roles or keep up with the expectations of fans. Salma seems to have an unusual love for stunning hairstyles.

We would attempt to look at various hairstyles that this Mexican-American superstar has donned to a number of events. Whilst we might want to conclude that Salma Hayek whose hair is naturally dark brown seems to love the ombre hair and to wear curly or wavy hairstyles, her appearances to a number of events might indicate that she has actually tried out a number of other styles and still came across looking just as beautiful. In this report, we would look at ten of Salma Hayek hairstyles; you just might get some ideas for your next hair-do.

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Happy Hair
Image: Happy Hair

The Bouffant Hairstyle
In 2014, the actress wore this hairstyle to an awards event. Her face is gently touched by the blown upper section and her hair comes across as soft because of the ends of the bouffant. If you enjoy bouncy hairstyles and love the centre parted thingy, this is one to consider.

Styles Weekly2
Image: Styles Weekly
Image: GLAMOUR Magazine UK

The Elegant Classic Bun
With this hair-style, Salma seeks to project her facial features by having all her hair locks pushed to the back and a hairpin of gold properly fitted to it. This style depicts confidence and complete elegance; a great for any woman any day and time.

All Posters
Image: All Posters
ELLE France
Image: ELLE France

Salma’s Braided Bun
This hairstyle suits all ages of women. It is of Asian origin; India precisely and the braids involved makes it exceptionally cool. With extra hairpins and matching jewel and dress, you are sure to draw more than sufficient attention to yourself if you are in the mood for it.

Byrdie Beauty
Image: Byrdie Beauty
Styles Weekly
Image: Styles Weekly

The Straight Haircut
Salma wows with this beautiful hairstyle. If you have brown hair, you can start off by giving it a layered cut. This is then followed by flipping out the ends of your hair. If you are not sure what to wear for an event, the straight haircut should come to your rescue. It is also great as it suits just about any shape of the face.

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The French Twist
In this style, Salma goes all French in this all fun and glamour hairdo. It sure looks like what you can wear to anything but a very official event and if you love fringes, this hairdo has tons of it. It is all layered and carefully obscures just portions of her face. Those parts she isn’t in the mood for everyone to see on this day.

Image: salmahayek
Style Bistro
Image: Style Bistro

The Fluffy & Straight Style
Salma comes across as your everyday lady but there is an element of “chic-ness” with this style. There is also no lacking of a free spirited, bold and definitely cheeky personality with this hairstyle that she wears. There is an adequate portion of straightened hair that drapes in front of and over her shoulders and the supposed simple look sure carries some definite statement.

Image: Elle
Image: Elle

The Bobby Pin Updo
Salma Hayek brings one of the most beautiful hairdos to wear to any red-carpet event or meetings of great significance. Her hairstylist interplays with wavy strands and carefully tousled techniques at the front to achieve this. The wavy strands as seen hang over her face to present a bold and definitely confident woman.

Image: Elle
Good Housekeeping
Image: Good Housekeeping

The Gorgeous Feathered Flip
It’s all flips with this style. Her hair flows graciously to her cheekbone and flips at this point. She however allows free flow of the hair behind. This hairdo is great for all women and with a great dress or fur-coat; depending on the weather of the day, you are sure to appear as awesome.

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Image: Lively

The Straight Haircut with Bangs
If you have black hair, then this style might appeal to you. Salma keeps her locks straight and then carefully pushes the fringes to the right side of her face to achieve this awesome look. If you successfully do this, you should end up having something like what we have here.

Mary Kravets
Image: Mary Kravets

The Center parted Haircut
This is a mix of a number of good styling techniques; from the obvious centrally parted hairline to the full and uninterrupted straight flow of her hair, she demonstrates the ability of this hairstyle to be worn by anyone irrespective of your facial shape. It is actually simple but not in any way without style.

So we have a look at some of the hairdos done by Salma. There is no gainsaying the fact that every style issues a statement of some kind; mostly confidence and boldness

If you love these hairstyles, you are free to select what you feel works for you. Just look for what works for your facial features best and you are good to go.

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