Love These 20 Sandra Bullock Hairstyles

Sandra Bullock Hairstyles

There are so many things we love about Sandra Bullock, she is an accomplished actress whose has been a huge part of some of the best movies that has hit our TV screens in the past fifteen years. Her work is legendary, and we can also say that she has some of the best fashion secrets in the movie industry today.

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Her success is phenomenal and she can be a talking point in terms of entertainment on her own day. Yes! she has a great fashion sense but in this article, we are more concerned with what does she does with her hair and how you fans can either replicate or draw inspiration from them. Here are 10 of the best hairstyles we have seen on Sandra Bullock.

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1. Nice Bob Hairstyles
This hairstyle which was seen on Sandra Bullock some time ago is a great choice for a casual occasion and a formal event. Its a nice bob with a deep side part which allows a small portion of her hair to sweep across her face. The color here should be chosen according to your skin tone.

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2. Long Straight Casual Hairstyle
Long Hairstyle for formal occasions, this hair here is characterized by the little bangs which covers her forehead nicely giving attention to her nice pretty face.

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3. Long Hairstyle with bangs
Nice hairstyle with some pretty heavy fringe which covers her entire forehead. The rest of the hair falls on either side of the face and forms the perfect frame.

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4. Medium Length Hairstyles
Great choice for women with medium hair length. The bangs on it are nicely styled to one side of the face which covers it well, also the side part draws a portion of the hair to the back firmly secured at the top of her ear.

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5. Long Straight Hairstyles
Sandra Bullock rocks some of the best long straight formal hairstyles. Here, the hair is long and falls on both sides of her face, the razor sharp cuts at the end of the hair length fall perfectly her shoulders. The side bangs are swept nicely to the side to reveal the rest of the face.

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6. Long Formal Wavy Hairstyles.
Yet another model of Sandra Bullock hairstyles. Long hair with big curls at the ends swept to one side of the face and balances well on her shoulder, thanks to the nice deep side parting. Hair color should be based on skin tone.

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7. Long Hairstyle with center parting
Characteristic long hairstyle by Sandra Bullock, here she applies a nice center part which allows the hair to fall on both sides of her face in a sleek manner. The raven color of the hair is brought to life by the loose waves and the locks.

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8. Medium Hairstyles with bangs
You have to try out this medium hairstyle with nicely distributed bangs on the forehead. Once again, the hair color here will be based on your type of skin tone.

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9. Nice Updo with long curls
Sandra rocks this nice updo which is a perfect fit for a wedding or formal event. The updo is nice and firm to the back of her head and the long curls surround the hair structure.

attends the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 12, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Sandra Bullock attends the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Warren Easton Charter High School’s medical clinic on Aug. 29 in New Orleans Louisiana.
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10. Long Hairstyle with thicks bangs
The hair is long and falls on both sides of the face but the thick fringe completes the frame.
You will need thick rollers to make the big curls stated in the article, but you really do not need fancy equipments in order to replicate these hairstyles. Follow Sandra Bullock for new trends in hairstyles

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