20 Gorgeous Short Blunt Bob Haircuts for Women

Short Blunt Bob Haircuts for Women

Do you want to switch up your usual haircut and try something new? Changing your hairstyle can be a bit intimidating. While we all repeat the motto that hair grows every time we take a risk and go shorter, sometimes taking the plunge and chopping it all off is just too much. This is why the trend of short blunt bob haircuts for women has been around for so long. It gives you the feeling of a big change without going with a potentially too-short pixie cut. Not to mention how flattering a blunt bob is because it works with so many face shapes and hair types, it’s hard to find a bad example of the style.


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While choppy and chunky layers are often tempting, they can be hard to manage. Even though they may look absolutely perfect at home, layers can turn into a tangled flyaway mess at the first gust of wind. This is one of the biggest benefits of a blunt bob cut. It is a naturally sleek option that is easy to comb your fingers through if it gets tousled out of place.


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If you are looking for a haircut that leaves you lots of options when it comes to length, then look no further than the blunt bob. Shorter versions are the perfect cut for summer because they bring the hair up off of your neck, while still giving you the sweet framing around your face that you want. If it is colder out, you can opt for what is commonly called the lob, or long bob. A blunt lob makes a chic statement and will look stunning against you fall coats and winter scarves.


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One of the hottest ways to make your new bob really stand out is by experimenting with color. Since the bob is chopped off at a distinct angle, it gives you the chance to try out new bold hues that underscore the definition of the haircut. A really amazing way to highlight your blunt bob cut is by adding an unexpected ombre hair color into the mix. Creating a blunt bob that slowly fades to a light color will give you a soft feminine look. Consider using brown tones that slowly meld into a rose gold hue to highlight the ends of your bob. Of course, this look is best achieved if your bob is a bit longer. Anything on the shorter side may end up looking less ombre than you would want.


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Switch it up even more and have your hair gradually get darker as it reaches the defined tips of your bob. This look makes a huge impact and can even be done in unique colors like fiery reds or sultry deep blues.


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Not up for a cut and a color change? No worries, you still have a lot of options when it comes to styling your blunt bob. Talk to your stylist about adding a blunt fringe for a bolder bob that will frame your face incredibly and really make your eyes stand out. Also, consider your parting options when you are styling a bob. Simply shifting your standard part from the right to the left, or parting your bob down the middle can give you a totally different look.


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Blunt bobs may give you defined edges, but these tips can be softened by adding curls or waves to your look. With just a few minutes and a curling iron you can create romantic and dreamy waves that take your blunt bob to new heights.


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One of the most fun ways to change up your blunt bob is to keep a lot of hair accessories on hand. For those days when you feel like adding a bit of shine, pin one section of your bob to the side using a metallic clip. It doesn’t have to be a huge accessory to make a big statement! Another great bob-friendly accessory is a headband. Whether you’re a fan of structured headbands, or the looser options, the blunt bob looks great swept back in a headband.


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Bob Haircuts For Fine Hair

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One of the biggest things to remember with a blunt bob is to take care of your hair from root to tip. Since this style thrives on sharp definition and clean lines, split ends and damaged roots can make your bob less impactful than you want. As always, have fun trying new things with your hair. You might just find the blunt bob is the cut you’ve been searching for to update your look!

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