20 Dazzling Short Ombre Hair Ideas

Short Ombre Hair

The ombre hair colour that began to gain more prominence at the start of the new millennium seems to be in no hurry to leave anytime soon. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Ciara and Beyonce have all jumped on the ombre hair bandwagon at one time or the other. It gives the wearer some form of edginess and swank to their look. From the barely there “sombre” to the more imposing “balayage”, the ombre hair trend has no plans of packing up and leaving just yet.


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The term “ombre” is French word that means to shade or graduate in tone. It is characterised by usually a darker colour at the root of the hair, graduating into a much lighter colour towards the tip of the hair. The result is a brilliant highlighted effect with an illusion of volume.


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In selecting ombre shades for your hair, there are a couple of things one needs to consider to avoid a weird, awkward looking result.


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1. You want to check to make sure that it is suitable with your complexion – a great way to do this without going through the stress of testing a few strands on your hair is by getting a couple of your pictures, some pieces of hair extensions which would be dyed in the pattern you were going to try on your hair. When done, put this against your picture, if you think it looks right to you, then off you go to get your tresses done. A much easier way will be to stop by a wig shop and try out the different ombre coloured wigs they have got on display.


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2. Another thing you want to look at is your personality – Not everyone can rock the turquoise ombre trend like Kylie Jenner. Whatever option you go for should be a direct reflection of your personality; for a just a wee bit of edginess, you can do a light brown and black hair combo and if you live on the extremes then purple/ash combo may be just the thing for you.


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3. You should also ask yourself how much lighter you are willing to go because too much could be not only shocking to those in your world of contact but to you as well.

4. Finally, be prepared to ask yourself if you are willing to bleach your hair.


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Bearing the above mentioned points in mind, it’s time to look at the advantages of this trend.

Quite a number of people favour this style because it is very low –maintenance. Most times you would notice that it even begins to look better as your edges grow out.

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Secondly it is quite stylish and creates a sort of girl-next-door appeal without looking too drab. It is effortlessly chic in an elegant sort of way and awesome for face framing techniques.

It’s quite easy to do at home; even the most novice attempt often comes out looking great because there was no intention to colour the entire head of hair at the onset but for a more professional look, you really should visit a salon.


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Versatility – It is suitable for all persons, Caucasian, Hispanic, black, men, women; you name it, it’s perfect. It is a hair style with a multiple range of options. You can wear it cropped, curly or wavy. You can even try blending in three to four different shades if you are willing to part with a little more money.


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Finally, it’s also very trendy and quite modern. If you were thinking of something different for your hair without necessarily giving it a cut then ombre is the way to go.


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It can do a little bit of hair damage because it involves colouring or bleaching. If you are not one to deep condition often, then you should make this a priority for your hair to avoid getting split ends or dry, brittle hair.


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It can be quite expensive – this is because you will need to get more than one hair colour, sometimes three. To have it on for a long period of time would require a couple of trips to the salon.

Despite the cons, it’s a great way to express yourself so here are a few tips to help you pick out hues that are suitable for your skin tone.


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· If you are mid toned – You also fall into this category if your skin looks like that of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. You should go for a more muted blonde, throw in a couple of light brow highlights or some golden hues.


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· Dark-toned individuals can comfortably get away with a deep shade of red, caramel, some ash and even brown. If you can, try picturing Jaden Smith’s ombre coloured dreads or Jennifer Hudson’s caramel infused ombre hair.


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For more lighter skinned folks, you almost have nothing to worry about because anything from red to blue will certainly do you justice.

Having highlighted all these, going ombre subsequently depends on how much you are willing to accept a change in your appearance and what you would be willing to do to welcome that change.

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