20 Alluring Short Red Hairstyles to Rock Your Day

Short Red Hairstyles

It is said that women with red hair are very passionate and they transmit sexuality through all the pores. We cannot tell that for sure, but we know as a certainty that red is in super trend right now. In addition, if you are a dynamic person, energetic and playful, then short hairstyle is what you need. And if you add red color, the combination will be killing.

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One big advantage of short hair is that it is easy to maintain. You won’t need any particular products and your hair will be revigorated, looking fresher and healthier. In addition, even some will say that red color is hard to maintain, whenever you collaborate with professionals to change your hair color, the results cannot fail. Therefore, if you are still not decided what type of short red hairstyle is good for you to adopt, maybe the suggestions below will help you a bit.

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First of all, if your daring level is not at 100% yet, you can go for the beginning for a mild red in a long bob haircut. It will be perfect for any type of occasion and on top of that, maintenance is extremely easy. You can keep it straight or make it wavy, no matter the style you will adopt, you will be sexy and feminine. Also, if you want to play a bit, you can add some ombre shades of a darker red. Therefore, your face will be framed beautifully and you will look hotter than ever.

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As bob is quite classy, you can take it to the next level and try a blunt cut. On top of that, choose two tones of color, for example, red and purple, and when you will look in the mirror you will see a different person. It will be actually the same you, but in a better version. However, you will need to increase your visits to the hairdresser as you will have to trim it more often in order to maintain the straight lines. But when we are talking about beauty and fashion, nothing is difficult, right?

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Furthermore, if your hair is curly but you want it red and short, that shouldn’t be a problem. You will still be in trend with a short curly haircut. Curls are so feminine and childish sometimes giving an angel-like look, while adding a touch of red will transform any woman into a sexy appearance, turning heads in any room she walks in. Also, on a curly red short hair, any accessory will look amazing defining one of the most feminine looks.

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The undercut would also look fabulous on a red short hair. Rihanna has tried it herself and the result was stunning. Actually, the undercut is everything about decisions and perspectives. You can choose to wear it up and highlight the shaved part or on the contrary, you can hide a bit the shaved portion and let visible just a few glimpses of it. Moreover, if you dye each part in different tones of red, the result will be mesmerizing. Undercut haircut may seem boyish from one perspective, but at the same time it can be very feminine if it is styled in a correct way.

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Of course, we cannot forget about pixie hairstyle. Whether it is cut in boyish style, asymmetric, with long edges or simply short, pixie will always frame perfectly the most beautiful faces. When it is combined with a vibrant red color the look becomes incredibly chic and eye-catching. Its maintenance is so easy that you actually don’t have to do anything special. However, if you want to try something bold, go for a spiky look which can be easily made from a pixie haircut. Like this, you will look like you have just got out from a fashion magazine. Think of Hale Berry and you will understand what I am saying.

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All in all, red short haircuts will show every tiny piece of your personality. It will shape you so well, that you won’t need to say too much when you enter a room. Red looks perfect even if it is styled in waves, curls or on straight hair. Every woman can try and find the variation of red that suits her best and should stick to it as red is amazing.

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