20 Fresh Ideas For a Side Braid Hairstyle

When you have long hair, you are accustomed to hearing the words “Its so long”, “hard to take care of” and my personal favorite ” are you going to cut it?”. Long hair has its own quid pro quo. Even with so many styling options more often than not we end up in whats considered a style rut. This happens when we look to the same of a few styles for an extended period of time. If you find yourself moving from wearing your hair down and then pulled into a quick ponytail and back down again, you may be in this style cycle. With busier days and rushed evenings it is no surprise that we may see a continuous loop of our daily hair fashion. Women today are fashioned in many roles leaving little time to style long hair. If you love your long hair and are contemplating cutting it for ease of styling purposes, we are pleased to say there are designs that will fit your schedule and allow you to keep your long hair.

With many hair designs to choose from we have opted to start out with side braid hairstyles. Side braid hairstyles are time friendly and offer varied looks and styling appeals that will fit into any activity.  They are trendy and will give you a definitive style to add to your hair repertoire . A simple braid has evolved through time. It is no longer in the basics genre. They now stand on their own in confidence while independently changing the perspective of a braided hair style. We are seeing the designs at work, at play and even on a runway.  A braided hairstyle is chic, elegant and full of enchanting possibilities. In the illustrative images you find below, you will see different styles and techniques that offer the opportunity to alternate your look and hairstyle for a fresh approach to your day.

Side Braid Hairstyle for Long Hair

001 Side-Braid-Hairstyle-for-Long-Hair-Summer-Hairstyles-Ideas 19

Image: Pop Haircuts

Starting your french braid on the side is a cleverly brought down to a fish tail style and ends in a light stringed tie.

Braided Hairstyle

002 Braided-Hairstyles-2015-Everyday-Hairstyle-for-Women 19

Image: Bella Sugar

The hairstyle we see her is trendy and fashionable. The hair is wound around creating a lengthened twist. A bump is created to establish volume and distinction.

Bohemian Side Braid Hairstyle

003 1-bohemian-side-braid-hairstyle 19

Image: Freckled Fox

A Bohemian style is loose and natural. We see a wide French braid that cascades down into a finer reversed braid offering a genuine look.

Double Braid Messy

004 4-double-braid-messy-hairstyle 19

Image: Sincerely Kinsey

Here we see a dual braid where the first is sidelined across and wraps underneath into a looser single braid. Bangs and some wisps of hair are left creating a blended style.

Inside Out Side French

005 7-inside-out-side-french 19

Image: Michael Anoelle Designs

In this style we see a French braid reversed creating a prominent braiding style. The technique calls for bringing your sections of hair underneath each other in lieu of over handed layering.

Big Side Braid

006 12-big-side-braid 19

Image: Stylishly Me

This braid makes a statement. An example of a reversed french braid using wide hair sections that generate style in a big braid way.

Mermaid Tail Side Braid

007 13-mermaid-tail-side-braid-hairstyle 19

Image: Joanna Goddard

A mermaid tail is as intriguing as its name. This particular braid is started at ear level and has multiple sections that are layered and perfected.

Loose French Side Braided Hairstyle

008 Loose-French-Side-Braided-Hairstyle 19

Image: Bare foot Blonde

This is a natural set french braid. The sections of hair are defined creating a loose braid that is appealing and refreshed. This design is a perfect addition to your day.

Pretty Side Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

009 Pretty-Side-Braided-Ponytail-Hairstyle-for-Long-Hair 19

Image: Vinstage

This look is achieved by taking a braided middle section and pairing it with an intricate braid ahead of it. Both meet into a gentle twist that allows for a trendy design.

Side Braid

010 71628d7ebb61ef67f9e384f62028b753 19

Image: Shop Style

Here we see two french braids are dawned from the side and wrapped together in a partial braid that falls gently over the shoulder for a well fashioned style.

Side Braid

011 rs_634x1024-140820145949-634.Nina-Dobrev-Braids.jl.082014 19

Image: E Online

This braided look is framed gently by hair on the sides that are left natural and wavy to create depth in a beautiful style.

Messy Side Braid Hair

012 Messy-Side-Braid-Hairstyles-Long-Hair-Idesa 19

Image: Paul Mitchell

A messy bun takes a back seat to a messy braided style. Gently twisted and tucked aside the top part of the hair leads into a braid that creates an ultimate design.

Side Braid Hair

013 Side-Braid-Updo-Prom-Hairstyles-Idesa-for-Long-Hair 19

Image: L’oreal Paris Usa

All of her hair is swept to the side and leads into a curled style. An intricate french braid sweeps around and is met with spirals of curls  bringing  a lovely look for any occasion.

Side Braid

014 221e89a0d9c92194_braids1.xxxlarge_1 19

Image: Pop Sugar

This design takes a braid to a new level. Starting on one side, the braid follows around and falls fashionably to the other side lending a wonderful style to your long hair.

Romantic French Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyle

015 Romantic-French-Fishtail-Side-Braid-Hairstyle 19

Image: Hairstyles Weekly

A whimsical fish tail braid is set in the center and brought down to a side center level creating a romantic and cherished style that meets any day with a smile.

Messy Fishtail Side Braid

016 453c0343eb43c8b73eac00e23124f5ac 19

Image: Summer Dress Fashion

Reminiscent of a summer night this braid is loosely set in a twist and meets a thick flattering braid that is enchanting and lovely.

Messy Side Braid

017 7f3f6064c3413a1ee4c8ef3bffc00635 19

Image: Daily Makeover

The hair in this style is teased to a mid point until it meets a fine tucked braid for the rest of its long length. This look is trendy and full of  inner meaning.

Side Braid

018 05115e700cdfda1e9fc1fab476f9c6ed 19

Image: Play Buzz

This style is natural and denotes a sense of free spirit. Hair naturally falls across the sides as a braid is brought to the side underneath offering a dynamic appeal.

Side Braid

Braids and trenches.

Image: Career Girl Daily

Here we see a smaller braid that is trendily set to tie into a three quarters braid that is designed  with a keen sense of fashion.

Side Braid

020 b6a5ff94d90dce8a04a239c0443ac711 19

Image: Moncheri Bridals

This style is enchanted with a loose side partial french braid. The hair is gently pulled to the sides leaving wisps of hair to fall in a natural and elegant light.

As we have seen here, a side braid has taken a new well defined style. With these designs you are inspired to be iconic in your look . Once upon a time a braid had to be neat as a pin , not one hair astray. As the days have passed through ages of fashionable time, this is no longer the case. We live in an age that whispering natural looks are leading the trends. French braids are simple to do on your own with some practice. Once you have mastered the technique the reversed french braid is equally elegant. A fish tail braid seems to intertwine a twist with a braid and it creates an undeniably sleek fashion. A side braid is an updated styled version of the original braid. There is an eternal and timeless appeal to these styles that appear in vintage and modern tones.

Before you wear your hair in the same style as a months worth of yesterdays, take a moment and braid your hair. Be brave and confident. There is no right or wrong way to this style. In a matter of a few minutes you can have a whole new look that is fresh and fashionable. If its a touch messy do not worry, the purpose of today’s trending style is a natural and whimsical look. If you have hair that naturally falls, let it! The unique charm of a side braid is every style appears intentional and purposed. The design is enchanting and leaves an open path for depth in the realms of your creative imagination. Your long hair is part of your look. The style that represents your own fashionable senses and aspirations.

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