Small Tattoos Designs for Women

Tattoos are a very personal thing and the design you choose should be one that has some meaning for you. Added to this you should be sure that you actually want a tattoo as they are permanent and cannot just be changed as you would change your earrings and make up. Tattoo removal is no easy process so you should be sure that you really can go through with it. Large designs take time to complete and you might just prefer to get it over with on one visit. Having considered this, you might want to start with a small design to see how you feel about the whole application process and whether you really will be happy with it for the rest of your life.


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Dream catchers

These are very beautiful and somewhat mystical when completed. The native American culture believes that a dream catcher will filter out any bad dreams and they are often place as full sized versions in bedrooms. The designs are incredibly delicate and are meant to resemble a spiders web. Sometimes these are tattooed behind an ear or high up between the shoulder blades. The colors may vary but the overall effect is a delicate, fine tattoo which works very well for a first one.



Angel Wings

You might find a pair of tattoo angel wings on a wrist or up near shoulder blades. Usually they are done in remembrance of someone who was very special to you and has passed away, but this is also entirely up to you. You might just like them and choose them with no particular person in mind. Traditionally they are thought to be able to keep you safe from evil spirits.




Often a young girl will sport one of these as a symbol of her growing up, so to speak. It sybolises the rebirth from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly and the colors you choose here can be as vibrant as you like. These can often be seen on the top of one shoulder so that when the person wears an off the shoulder dress or top, the tattoo is clearly seen at it’s best. Also popular to be at the back of the neck and occasionally on a foot.


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Feathers speak of freedom! We normally think of birds when we see feathers and the freedom of flight is what is meant to be portrayed here. The type of feather also changes the meaning and if you are thinking of a feather tattoo then you should research the different types and related meanings before starting the process.




Star tattoos remind us that we can do anything we want to if we set out heart on it. Stars are often done in groups of two or three which look very attractive. The first one is the largest and the others become smaller. You may choose any amount and they can either be just an outline or be filled with a color of your choice. You might see them on feet and also occasionally on tummies. That being said, where you put your small tattoo is up to you.



Small Birds

These can be similar to a swallow in flight and the color combination is up to you. These are sometimes done on wrists or even between fingers when the design is small enough. Have the outline in black and then fill the tiny wings in, or just leave it as an outline for a different effect.


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Ankle Tattoos

There are many small designs which just lend themselves to being done on an ankle. Designs such as sunflowers which show the flower growing up the ankle are very attractive The height that the flower grows depends on how much you want done. The flower should be a vibrant yellow with green tendrils. Also popular here are chilli peppers which are colored a bright red. These may be single or in pairs and on one or both ankles.


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Animal Tattoos

Bees are always a good choice as the stripes of yellow and black are very effective. They may be small enough to be done on a wrist or even behind an ear or up on a shoulder. There are many small animal designs which will work well as tattoos and they need not be filled in with the exact animal color. A neon infill gives a funky effect also.


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Paws are sometimes used as a symbols of remembrance for a beloved pet that has died. Dog prints are also associated with strength and pride. Cats paws are a symbol of playfulness. Wrists and behind ears are where you might find these. They are often done in grouped of three or four to symbolise steps of the animal.




If you are thinking of having a tattoo then it is a good idea to start with a small one to see it you really like it. There are thousands of designs that are suitable for a small tattoo. Some tattoos are done using a large amount of colors but if you start with a small one, you might want to keep the colors to a minimum as it is so small and will look too fussy. Stick to plain designs until you are sure that you like it and then you may decide to go for a larger one.


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