20 Awesome Stacked A-Line Bob Hairstyles

Stacked A line Bob Hairstyles

The Stacked A line bob hairstyle is one of the nicest styles of the Bob family of haircuts. This haircut is designed to offer perfect volume at the back of the head and works especially well for finer hair. Similar to a traditional bob this style involves light layering at the back to give a sleek look to the front and sides. Hair dressers love working with this style as it really transforms the face and gives a totally new look to the person who wears it.


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One point that must be taken into consideration when opting for this style is that the back section must be cut to perfection as this is the basis of the style. It is the focal point and is essential that it is done right. There is such a wide array of cute stacked cuts that it is possible for every woman to find a style that suits her. Magazines are full if this trendy style which has actually been around for some time now. It suits most people and looks good on any face shape. It does accentuate the eyes as the face becomes framed with the longer hair.


Image: Pretty Designs

The rounded outline of the stacked hairstyle is what gives it the perfection of style and this feature works wonderfully with already straight hair.

Deep side bangs can be created when starting with relatively long hair, doing the cut at the back and then keeping the bank length to the shoulders. The bangs are also left fairly long and the part is on either side.


Image: Hairstyles Weekly


Image: Hairstyles4you

A color combination of blonde and strawberry blonde works well with this design, red highlights on blonde will always attract attention. A shorter stack is used for finer hair because it will give it more body and create the illusion of thick hair.


Image: Exquisite Girl

This style can work for wavy hair as well and in fact looks very trendy when the underneath is cut shorter and the top left as a loose wavy style. It should be choppy and uneven to create the desired effect. A brown and burgundy mix of color looks great here.


Image: Bob Hairstyle


Image: The Right Hairstyles

You might choose to keep your bangs horizontal and this will look great if they are somewhat layered and irregularly cut with the front sections almost down to the shoulders to keep the face looking open and fresh. Caramel highlights work well to soften this cut.


Image: Styles Weekly


Image: Salon Volt

A blonde person may choose to have lowlights added and they are particularly effective when added to an underneath layer right at the front. So at first glance you see all blonde but then you will notice a strand of darker hair which peeps out from underneath. This is not something that you will see every day but when it is done, it looks fabulous.


Image: Marie Claire


Image: Ask Hairstyles

Purple highlights onto black stacked hair make a wonderful effect! Not everyone can carry this style off as it will definitely draw attention to you but it is a great combination of colors. This is best used on medium length stacked hair.


Image: Fashionistix


Image: Hairxstatic

Having had your stack cut you may choose to give the back section more body and this can be achieved by the old fashioned method of teasing the hear. This will work with a cut that is heavily back combed at the top and very bluntly cut at the bottom.


Image: Last Trend

A medium length stack can be used for either thick or fine hair. With a slightly off centre part this style looks very classy at shoulder length. You may choose to have highlights added or keep it natural.


Image: Stylewu


Image: Meilleur Coiffeur

A blunt cut stack is basically the cut where all the ends are cut at the same length, there is no section of hair which is left longer at the front. Be sure this is the style you want as it will take a while for those sides to grow out!


Image: Zimbio


Image: Seventeen

Bright red hair looks wonderful in a short stack especially with some highlights of a lighter caramel color. Choose it really short at the back and no longer than the ear lobe for the front pieces and with the additional color you will have yourself a head turning style!


Image: Vanishing Tattoo


Image: Style Craze

Whether you choose to have a completely symmetrical stack or one that is of set either by a part on the side or one side linger than the other, this is an easy to maintain style which can be colored and shaded for added effect. It suits most people and all shapes of face. This style is not an easy one to cut so make sure you have a hairdresser who is familiar with the style before starting. Make sure you take some pictures of your desired style when you make your appointment and discuss any color shading with your stylist as well. It is however very easy to maintain and is suitable for wearing as a casual do or dressing up for a special occasion.

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