20 Dazzling Curly Bob Hairstyles

curly bob hairstyles

Do you find it difficult to think of new ideas in sporting short bob hairdos? Well think again! There are spans of ideas that you could experiment with to achieve a unique texture.

I have listed everything you need to achieve an edgy look through loopy bob hairstyles.

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Angular Dimension Curly Bob

If you are not adventurous enough to sport a complete pixie cut, try smaller steps and begin with a curly bob that is asymmetrical. The layers are ideal for those who have thick hair because it eliminates the weight and bulk and it allows a practically more manageable hair.

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Image: The Zero Report

Subtle and Sexy

Generally, it is an attractive hairdo. For whatever you are looking for, the tousled bob with natural looking curls are appropriate for any mood you want to set. Because of angled layers of the hair it prevents a heavy look of the voluminous curls.

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Stylishly Sassy, Spiraled Bob

Dispatch your curling iron, strengthener and blow dryer. Let the free-flowing curls down. In the middle portion of your scalp, part your hair. The chin- length bob cut exhibits the bone structure gorgeously. If you like some updates with your look, apply ash colored highlights to add glow to your do.

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Image: Short Hairstyles

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Naturally Daring and Spunky Spirals

The focus of the chin length cut should be that smooth and shining black curls. Create artsy layers. Add a tad amount of mousse but not so much because you may alter the style and structure of your hair that is organically and inherently curly. Just allow your hair to go where it wants to.

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Image: Bob Hairstyle

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Silver Lining Bob

Do not hide the grays or white hair. Be proud and show them off. If it is present with a short curly bob, the silver strips will gorgeously enlighten a black hair. Rock them off by intentionally showcasing seemingly organic gray streaks.

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Image: Pretty Designs

Sexy Hot Spirals

The layering is important for curly hair. It gives your hair the volume and it prevents your hair structure to have a shapeless and bulbous look. This style is appropriate for round or big faces because it gives a slimmer illusion on the cheeks.

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Image: Stay Glam

Curly Bob with Tender Melted Highlights

Chunky looking highlights and curly bob hairdos blend together as peanut butter and jelly do. Try to spread the highlights on your hair in contrast, with only towards the front or on the top. This style is ideal that you don’t have to do too much effort to maintain the curls and you just have to do little or no restoration for the look.

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Image: Pin IMG

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Sizzling Hot Long Bob

Provide your mane with some perky boost by having highlights that are sporadically applied. That is a nice touch to add another facet, element and structure to your curly do. In order to add dimension to your face, place the highlights round your face then apply the bottom part with rich, blacker hue.

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Image: Short Haired

Voluminous Big Bob

If we are talking about curled bobs, oftentimes we should go big or go home. To be able to make big curls, utilize a large curling iron. It is essential that you maintain the curly structure while doing the other parts of your hair. Style your hair the way you like it after you have curled everything. Spray a stronghold hairspray and to add some volume and get a lift, fluff your hair gently.

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Image: Zara

Spiraled Ombre Bob

The ombre tint is very popular these days. It is ideal for the curly bob hairdos. Starting from the crown, have a warm caramel balayage if you possess an almost black hair or if you got a deep brown hair tint. Ascertain that the color combination is seamless and blended.

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Image: Feathers Freckles

Naturally Inherent Curly Bob

A curly bob that is multi-colored and is at shoulder length is a perfect way to maintain a structure that is controlled. What I love about this style is that you will not experience so much hassle in doing much for your hair. Apply ample amount of curl enhancing mousse and diffuser in order to maintain dimensioned curls.

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Image: E Short Hairstyles

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Image: Celebrity Rater

Gorgeously Ravishing Red Bob

This is one of the curly bob hairstyles that I really love. Look cool with spiraled locks through choosing a chin- length, angular cut. Go with long layers and keep it slightly longer on the layers of the front side. If you possess a brunette hair color and you want some change, choose a burgundy tint or a mahogany color.

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Image: Etc Blog

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Image: Fave Hairstyles

Soft and Hot Curly Cut

If you don’t want to look all made up, the beach-wave style is perfectly cute with the long locks. It would look gorgeous when it is done in a short bobbed hair. To get this style, just wrap portions of the hair around the 1 � inch curling iron. It should leave the end parts uncurled. With this, you’ll achieve a bedhead style that’s pretty, hot and trendy.

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Image: Deavita

Amazingly Curly Bob

Are you confused if you want to have a brown or red hair? My advice is to go in between. With your chocolate brown mane, have balayage that is of auburn hue. The unusual shade will give your short curly bob more life. Curly bob hairstyles are really very awesome.

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