20 Beautiful Ways to Wear a Kimono

Ways to Wear a Kimono

A kimono usually refers to the long, traditional Japanese garment worn as a formal item for important events and ceremonial purposes. Thinking of one in terms of trendy, street fashion probably doe not seem like it makes much sense. But the ancient and traditional kimono dress has given rise to its own fashion And there are plenty of ways to make this adaptable garment work for you. The possibilities are very nearly endless, but here’s a few to get you started.

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70s/Flower Child Look

Kimonos are practically born to service a retro 70s look or 1960s hippie vibe. If you have got the right print kimono all you need is some flare jeans and earthy toned boots and you’re set to rock your next music festival with a nostalgic look.

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Chic Sun Dress Cover

If you are in between seasons, on the cusp of fall or just at the beginning of spring then you might want to layer your sundress look. A stylish kimono is great to wear over a summer dress when it’s just not quite warm enough to pull off the full warm weather look yet.

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Strapless Dress Cover

If you are heading to a slightly more elegant shindig and want to utilize the kimono in your wardrobe, try pairing it with a strapless party dress. You get the sultry effect of a strapless dress with the elegance of the kimono.

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With a Belt

If you want the kimono to be the centerpiece of your outfit and not just a cover up, try using a thick belt with it. Match your colors and your styles and you’ll have a great look for the cooler days of fall.

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Bathing Suit Cover Up

This is one of the most cited and most inventive ways to get the most out of your kimono. If you want to rock your beach body while avoiding the sun, a kimono is a great alternative to a tacky beach cover up.

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With Jeans and Boots

Getting back to that fall weather that we all know is coming, a kimono with jeans and boots is an amazingly hip fall look that will keep you just the right amount of warm during those upcoming autumn days.

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Tie in Front

Try pairing your kimono with shorts and tie the long ends loosely in the front. This gives a laid back, comfortable look for those summer months.

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Mix Patterns

While most people want to pair solids with patterns, a kimono is a great way to experience trying patterns on patterns. Don’t be afraid to blend stripes with floral or even floral on floral. If you like it, that’s all that matters.

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Bralette Cover

For those of you who love to rock the bralette look at summer parties or music festivals, a kimono could be a great way to add cover and balance to the look. You can protect yourself rom the sun and manage how much skin you want showing.

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Over a Graphic Tee

Wearing a kimono over a graphic tee is a super stylish way to blend casual and fashion forward looks. Pair it with some jeans and any other accessories and you’ve got a complete and amazing look.

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Work the Accessories

Don’t be afraid to combine a kimono with a hat or layered jewelry for any of your looks. The density of kimono designs means they’re built to match with almost anything so you should take advantage of that.

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Kimono Over a Romper

Another common look for kimonos is making it a cover over a romper. It is an excellent and efficient look for any summer day, especially if it involves a beach.

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Kimono and Leggings

We all know sweater and leggings weather is on its way. But how about you mix it up with kimono and leggings instead? You can update this tried college look for a unique style that still keeps the comfort alive.

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Kimonos are incredibly stylish and are an easy way to inject flare into any of your existing outfits. They are built to be customized and designed to be comfortable. If you have ever wanted to experiment with your fashion sense, now is the time. So grab a kimono, pick a look, and get mixing and matching on all the ways you can optimize your look!

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