20 Cool Ways to Wear Infinity Scarf

Ways to Wear Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf is probably one of the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It is basically a large closed loop of fabric. If you don’t have one of these, then you should seriously consider getting one. They come in every different color you can imagine and also a variety of different fabrics to match the season so you never need to be without one! One reason you may not have one of these may be because you are unsure of how to actually wear it! Here we talk about some ways to wear an infinity scarf and some easy styles to master. Once you have become used to them you will be able to add more involves twists to your scarf.

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Basic Style

The Basic Infinity Scarf style actually does not require any twisting at all, it is simply placed over your head and worn. Here you are ale to use your imagination when it comes to fabric texture. Good hearty warm fabrics which are ideal for the winter months do well being worn like this as often the fabric is too thick to twist. You will also find that single bold colors work well here, notably colors like pink and orange. This is a style that you could even wear on formal occasions.

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Some Infinity scarves come in extremely long sizes and these are perfectly suited to layering. This is exactly what is sounds like. The scarf is wrapped around your neck two or three times. How many times depends on you. People with smaller faces might only prefer to layer it twice. All the rings around your neck are then left to hang at the same length. Again a thicker fabric might not work here but it is perfect for light summer fabrics. Any color will work here.

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The Hooded Version

Have you ever had a really bad hair day and still had to leave the house? Well, the hooded adaptation is just perfect for those days! No more hiding inside with unruly hair! Also suitable if your hair tends to fly away in the wind and if your ears get cold in the wind. Sometimes coats and jackets can seem somewhat masculine and the hooded style so you will find that it adds a feminine touch to that outfit.

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The Shoulder Wrap

As a shoulder wrap the infinity scarf is basically just wrapped around your shoulders instead of around your neck. Normally it is double wrapped and then positioned a little off your shoulders. Depending on the fabric this may be used along with elegant evening wear as well as jeans so it is a very useful adaptation to master. Even if you have a scarf which is very long it can be wrapped around three times for this style.

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The Vest

The scarf may be used as a vest by starting off with the first loop around your waist. Make a twist in front of your tummy and slip the second loop over your head. The scarf needs to be fairly long for this style. Because there is only one twist here this will be very suitable for winter months when you need a little something to add a layer of warmth.

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The Chic Sling

A very attractive style is the Chic Sling. This is a loop around your neck and then a larger loop which rests over one shoulder and down under the opposite arm, ending up looking similar to an elegant sling for a broken arm! This style is very suitable for wearing with a sleeveless evening dress as it covers just one shoulder and looks very graceful.

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Double Trouble!

Another easy method is called the Double Trouble! Actually this is your scarf wrapped once firmly around your neck while the second wrap is pulled down longer. Again this is a simple adaptation and very easy to do but it can be worn with most outfits and still appear either casual or glamorous.

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These are just a small selection of the styles you can make with this scarf. There are many more different ways you can use this scarf to totally change and enhance your wardrobe with very little outlaw as these are a relatively cheap item to add. You might start off with one scarf in a favorite color and try a few of these interesting methods. Remember that fabric plays an important part in the way you can twist them, all of the spring and summer fabrics work well for numerous twists while the thicker, winter fabrics tend to be suitable for only one or two twists. We think that once you have bought one and tried a few of these methods it won’t be long before you add more of these useful items to your wardrobe!

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