20 Sexy Ways to Wear Your Tank Tops

Ways to Wear Tank Tops

Tank tops are a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe. They come in a multitude of different colors and in every size possible. They are a cute way to dress and look very casual. Perfect for layering and definitely a must have piece in a wardrobe.

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There are some things to consider when we wear tank tops so that we can show them off to the best advantage. Take into consideration the straps of your tank top and wear a bra that does not show. If your tank top has really thin spaghetti straps then choose a strapless bra. If strapless bras just don’t work for you then consider getting one with clear straps so that they are not visible next to your tank top.

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For tank tops that are very tight fitting you should select a bra that is seamless and one that does not wrinkle under the top. Tank tops have a way of revealing every bump underneath and you really want to keep things as smooth as possible.

Tank tops look very cool when worn with a pair of shorts. Pick a solid color tank top and pair it with a patterned pair of shorts for a great effect.

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Denim jackets are a great way to wear with a tank top, for when the evenings are cooler. You could pair your tank top with a skirt and a jacket and you will be ready to go out.

Tank tops and skinny jeans are of course the way they are meant to be worn! You should choose a pair of flattering jeans and accompany it with your favorite white tank top for added effect. Here the jeans are what will ‘make’ the outfit.

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The great thing with tank tops id that you can cover them with any selection of jacket. A light floral kimono is perfect as the pattern will offset the plain color of the top.

Tank tops and leggings are a look that not everyone will be able to pull off. It takes a perfect figure to do this but should you have that figure, then this is a great way to wear your tank top.

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Tanks and cardigans may seem an odd combination but with the right color pairings they make a very chic outfit. Worn with a skirt and some stylish shoes you will look great!

Summer! That’s what we think of when see see tank tops paired with tattered denim shorts! It screams beach! You may cover it with a light flimsy jacket ans still look good.

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Combining an all white tank top with white chinos and white shoes looks extremely attractive and good enough to go out in. This outfit looks more than casual, it is up there with the smart look.

Maxi skirts are back in vogue now and teamed with a tank top look great. Be sure that if your skirt is patterned then your top is plain and picks out a color in your skirt to compliment it.

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Denim overalls are always in style and paired with a white tank top are a great set for the summer. Although any color tank top can be worn under denim, it seems that white it the best and most often chosen to wear.

Animal print light jackets go very well over tank tops. The more colorful the top the better this outfit seems to look. Bright solid colors like orange and magenta work well with this style.

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Leather jackets are always in style and are a perfect way to cover your top. Leather, of course, makes such a statement that if you choose a logo tank top it will not go amiss here.

Tank tops lend themselves to the addition of big, bold jewellery if the color is solid. However should you choose a pattern top then you may opt for fines pieces so that the focus stays where you want it to be and that is on your tank top.

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One other thing to consider is the height of the heels you wear with your top. Some outfits need heels while others look better in flats. You should experiment to see which looks better on you.

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Do you wear your tank top tucked in or left hanging out? There is really no definite rule here, sometimes the top looks good inside shorts and jeans. It will look good tucked into a flouncy skirt. Leaving the top hanging out may look better over some skirts that are tight and also over leggings as you don’t want too many creased when you wear this outfit. The tank top is such a versatile piece of clothing that it can be adapted any way which suits the wearer. Try and experiment on tucking in and leaving out, and changing colors with different jackets and scarves. You will find that there are literally hundreds of different ideas that you can come up with to wear a tank top.

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