20 Fresh Summer Makeups Collection That Are Soft And light

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This is the time of year we begin separating our winter fashions for storage.  We happily trade our thick sweaters for sundresses and our furry boots for chic sandals. As you peek through your closet and imagine all of the wonderful summer splendor you have reunited with, you may forget one thing……your fresh summer makeup style. You may ask yourself if it is fashionable to bring your winter palette to summer and vice versa. The quick answer is of course! The technical answer is absolutely not. Winter skies are warmed with rich and deep hues. Summer is a lighter season of inspired celebrations and late moonlit walks. The fresh air surrounds us in a mesmerizing sense of fluidity and motion. To enhance the essence of your summer style, you will want to apply a fresh look.

Late nights and warm days are full of magical prose and delightful senses. True to summer makeup styles range from barely there to dreamy eye appeals. Whether your taking a stroll on a sandy beach or hiking through a trail you will have the look and style that fits your smile. Below you will find some illustrative examples of how to incorporate a summer style into your makeup regimen. You will note how vibrant  tones are harmonized with hints of color. Blushes and shadows are whispered with highlighters and bronzers. Eyeliner has a new meaning in the heat as does methods of concealer. We will go over the details, but first lets look at some inspired summer makeup.

Lavender eyes

001 Lavender-eyes 9

Image: New Fashion Wear Out

A fresh purple shadow is paired with intricate liner. A highlighted lip gloss is set in a pastel hush.

Aqua eyeliner

002 Aqua-eyeliner 9

Image: Makeup For Life

An aqua liner is set around the eye in high fashion. The element is vibrant and definitely full of summer fun.

The Morning Commute

003 TheEverygirl_beauty_summermakeup5 9

Image: The Every Girl

Natural eyes have hints that define the shape of the eye. An inspired red lipstick color offers a completed look.


004 julianne-hough-golden-eyes-and-cheeks 9

Image: Allure

Summer themes and dreams have this look out on a sunny day. The lavish lashes are well met with thin liner. A refreshed palette leads to simple elegance.

Light and Fresh Summer Makeup Look Tutorial

005 natural-summertime-makeup-theurbanumbrella-style-blog (68 of 73) 9

Image: The Urban Umbrella

Everyday is today makeup styles have chic lining and a light blissful color set with lip gloss. Neutral bronzed tones are shadowed over the eye offering a pleasant look.


006 SetRatioSize609500-Cropped-IMG-0873 9

Image: Elle

A sensational summer look can bridge from day to night. Subtle shadowing is framed in a dark liner. A pretty pink liner and lipstick is charming.

makeup beauty trends spring summer 2015

007 makeup-beauty-trends-spring-summer-2015-741158_w650 9

Image: Sofiminine

A feminine style has a straight forward liner around the eye and a subtle gloss and blush to finish the desired look.

Stylish Summer Makeup for Holidays

008 Stylish-Summer-Makeup-for-Holidays 9

Image: Tumblr

Perfect for a beach wedding we have a soft smoky eye effect with a high shine and gloss lip color. Note how the colors are blended for a glamorous sense.

Pretty Natural Makeup Idea for Summer

009 Pretty-Natural-Makeup-Idea-for-Summer 9

Image: She Knows

A lovely use of light shading and gloss. Sheer blushes and bronzer are used with a slight eyeliner and a shimmering pastel pink lip gloss.

Simple Summer Makeup Idea with Red Lips

010 Simple-Summer-Makeup-Idea-with-Red-Lips 9

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

A fashionable style has red lips and a neatly perfected eye. The neutral tones and brown liner create a look that befits any occasion.

Fresh and Simple Summer Makeup Tutorial

011 Fresh+and+Simple+Summer+Makeup+Tutorial 9

Image: Rebecca Shores MUA

A rose hue is brought out in summer. Lip gloss and a lightly shaded eye coloring allows for a beautiful style.


012 4 9

Image: All Women’s Talk

Creatively stated, we find a sunny bold yellow that comes across the eye accentuating a barely there look and natural beauty.

How To Do Your Makeup For The Beach

013 580ef0bc65294c39d38995a577e29f09 9

Image: Corrina B’s World

A delicate harmony of liner and mascara create a dreamy look and stylish appeal. Light shadow is blended harmonizing a pink shimmering gloss.

Three Timeless Makeup Looks Every Woman Love

014 ac39cac6b284ed54e0fe0852bffead5d 9

Image: Pretty Designs

Pastel and pretty is enchanted with defined lashes and glowing summer skin.

Mother Knows Best: The Top 12 Beauty Tips We Learned From Our Moms

015 2dab5b73c69df01b1e0e036cc5fa0433 9

Image: Alfemminile

A touch of gloss, mascara and a shimmer of powder is all that is needed for this sophisticated style.

3 Easy Summer Makeup Hacks And Looks

016 ca07ac2c26b751a899ba963e20b9f727 9

Image: Teen Times

A pink glimmer powder shadows around the eye with a matching gloss that accentuates a summer look.

Should You Use Primer Before BB Cream? The Experts Weigh In

017 68806104b4c1e8464e41e217bca0acf3 9

Image: Byrdie

This style has a fine line that enhances the shape of the eye. A perfected blush brings out the height of the cheekbones with an accompanying sheer tinted gloss.

10 Natural Makeup Ideas for Everyday

018 72c7ee543d11a0554d2b036a8011fe5d 9

Image: Flip Board

A chic and stylish look holds a deep rose lip color and natural eyes that are finely framed with a light liner.

Cara Delevingne

019 d40640f9ed88926fb3ecbc95dc7f75a6 9

Image: Granberg

Highlighted shadows cover the eye while dramatic lashes complete the style. A pleasant pink tone is glossed with a natural blush.

Erin Blows

020 4fd15efb22f28ca8105a607937cde287 9

Image: Fashion Model Directory

Dramatic and dreamy this eye style is fashionable and stated. Bronzer highlights the skin and is finished with a barely there lip gloss.

When getting ready for summer, you will note how the colors are lighter as the days get longer. Preparing your skin for a warmer climate should be a part of your daily regimen. Your pores open in the heat allowing for them to clog easier with impurities and makeup. It is essential that you remove your makeup everyday with a non oil based remover. On hot summer days its best to avoid thick concealers and try a highlighter and blush or bronzer for color. If your skin tone is uneven , apply a light coat of cover and set it with a sheer powder. Shadows and eyeliners are inspired in many colors and shades. If you are looking for a lightweight lip color, opt for a tinted gloss. They come in many colors and glossy levels. Last but not least, a mascara accompanied by a lash curler will give even the barest of liners an eye framing experience.

Be creative and get inspired for your summer look. Your custom style is personalized and unique. Enjoy your summer days and breathe in your nights with a fresh look and beautiful summer skin.

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