20 Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles to Rock Your Style

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

It had been a couple of years since the bob haircut made its comeback. It was in the 1920s when this edgy haircut gave people, particularly women another choice to style their wanted short haircut.

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If you are fashion- oriented or you know the latest trends, then you are aware that the bob itself is one of the most edgy and fun hairstyles up to date, and to mix thing some more, making it a bit asymmetrical is the way to go.

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Let’s admit it, one of the hardest decisions to make with regards to yourself is whether to cut your hair or not, there are factors to consider and questions needed to be answered before all else: like identifying your face shape, what suits best your lifestyle, your face, the overall look, those stuff.

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Okay, here are some tips and types you can check up with to give you a little bit more confidence to go and try out that asymmetrical bob haircut.

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Types of Bob Haircut

Typical Bob

Also known as the normal kind of bob; It is the bob hairstyle wherein the hair length is the same all over, that finishes with a slight framing of the face through the chin. Layers are not allowed in the typical bob.

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The A- Line bob style is basically giving importance to the perimeter of the haircut, this bob hairstyle is when the haircut is shorter at the back and the layers and angles towards a longer front. This bob hairstyle does not have any layers.

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Graduated Bob

Okay, so this one is like the A- line style but much edgier. It is when the hair at the back is stacked with layers and shorter – plus the angle is more curved and not a hard angle. This bob style had become one of the most common hairstyles now, as you can request the amount of stacking you desire.

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Asymmetrical Bob

This bob style is probably the most flexible bob hairstyle, as you can make it more compatible to your face shape. You have the choice to make it either non- layered or stacked in the back. Another thing that separates this type from the other kinds of bob is that one of the sides in the front tends to be longer than the other.

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Asymmetrical Bob Haircut and Face Shape:

Round face Shape

It is no secret that the ladies with a round- shaped face usually has the hardest time when it comes to finding the right hairstyle. When you get it right, it can be very much flattering for your face, but the wrong hairstyle can bring out the soft edges and youthfulness of their face.

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Long Face Shape

A long face shape is either on a rectangular or oval side, what you will be needing is to add some width into your face through your haircut. A shorter haircut with a little layer on the right place will give your face a little more balance by adding not only width, but also volume.

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Angular Face Shape

These are the diamond, square and triangular shaped faces. Remember that when you have this type of face shape, your primary concern is to get that right bob hairstyle to soften the edges of your face. Ideally, you would want the cut length to be above the shoulders.

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Oval Face Shape

Okay, so the ladies with this face shape probably are the luckiest as they will look good with any haircut and hairstyle they will want. Imagine this, perfect face shape with the mixture of the dramatization that the asymmetrical style brings – looks great!

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· If you have a round- shaped face, layers are your best friend. That way it will make an illusion of a natural contour in your face

· For those who has a thick hair, a longer asymmetrical bob haircut is more advisable to allow your hair to lay easily. Adding up longer layers will minimally lighten up your hair for added style

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· If you have a fine hair, it is easy to style, especially if you add up some soft waves or curls on the end – this will give your hair some volume and thickness, making your hair look perfectly full.

· Ladies with curly hair knows that having a short haircut means having to add some intensity to their hair, and an asymmetrical bob haircut can help in taming and managing your hair while showing off its natural beauty

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· Bring a photo of your hair inspiration to your stylist and get their side on whether it will suit your face or what can be done around that style to make it fit you perfectly

· Styling is everything! Knowing the right products and styles to go best with your asymmetrical bob is one thing but doing it right is another.

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