Beautiful Collection of Best Hairstyles for 2017

Best Hairstyles for 2017

The year 2017 like every other year promises to bring new trends in fashion and style. Just as dramatic changes and upgrades are expected in fashion, hairstyles are also going to take new shapes to blend with these fashion changes. Women with medium hair can expect a lot of changes as we will soon see, and various other hairstyles will come into the scene and make trends.
Taking a quick look into 2017, lets see some of the unique hairstyles that will trend and can also serve as a source of inspiration to your hairstyling technique and over all style.

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1. Unique Shoulder length Hairstyles:
Perfect for women with medium hair, you can definitely tune up your hairstyles a little by adding some rather unique touches. 2016 showed some dramatic changes in how medium hair is done, and its set to continue deep into 2017 with medium straight hairstyles terminating just at the collarbone or a little below it with a nice sweep. This is perfect for both blonde and brunettes, and suits every facial structure. The centre parting sums up the entire haistyle and gives it the desired fitting.

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2. Choppy Medium Hair-do:
Perfect for women with off necks, this hairstyle is extremely easy to style if the hair isn’t wavy. Usually, the hair is cut a bit shorter at the back, although it is entirely straight, it has a little messy and untidy look to give it the perfect finishing.

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3. Slightly Curled Hair with Side Bangs:
Women with long hair can rock this, all it needs is for the hairstylist to use a fixing iron to re-adjust the hair and brushing right from the roots way down to the closure smoothly. This hair needs to look big in order to have any fitting at all, so you need to inform your stylist to add more layers at the finishes and the highest points of the hair in order to create a large volume.

Image: The Sugar Styles
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4. Mid-Length Layers:
This hairstyle terminates well at the neck region thanks to the short sharp cuts at the ends. To achieve this, you need a deep cut with solid layers from the cheek bone that then follows briefly downwards. A light volume item and a blow dry with a huge round brush is highly necessary to get this hair with complete perfection.

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5. Medium Shags:
This style is characterized by the unique front bangs, not too wavy look and usual unique brown shaded black tone. Its perfect if you have a bright personality, and also like to be easy going. Most hairstylist should be able to to produce this witg ease, in rare case, you should emphasize on the front bangs and the medium length of the hair.

Image: Elle
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6. Wavy Medium Hairstyle:
If you have a moderately lengthy, heavy and wavy hair, you can try this new trick out. Add mousse to clammy hair, also blow dry and also twist remain piece to give hair space to roam. The waves add the finishing touches to the hair, plus it will be great if you can dye the hair as it will give the desired beauty.

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7. Low Ponytail Hair-do:
This is just perfect if you are the kind of lady thay does not like to waste time on styling of looking at the mirror. The ponytail is made simple and falls perfectly where ever you want it to.

Image: Fashion Model
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8. Unique French Braids:
You should expect to see more of french influences on hairstyles in the coming season. Few tweaks here and there should add the desire beauty and trendy look that will spark of 2017. You and your hairstylist should work together to produce rebellious, seductive and romantic braids that will blend with those that will be trending.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar
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9. Mega Volumized Hair: Most women who have worn this hair, have done with unique ombre colors. It should be trendy in the coming season especially amongst ladies with medium curly hair and a few with longer hair. Depending on your stylist, you can make the hair look crazy with a mixture light pink or you could just leave it simple, either way it looks great.
These hairstyles in the new season will be nothing without their corresponding colors. Here are some colors you should always keep in mind while styling in the coming year in order to stay in tune with the trend.
1. Red Chestnut Hair Colors
2. Ombre Hair Colors
3. Traditional black and blonde hair colors
4. Brown shades and tones

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