20 Sleek Checkered Outfits that You will Love

Checkered Outfits

Okay so, some fashion patterns have become a little outdated right? Stripes will be timeless but polka dots are long gone. Floral will always be relevant but hounds tooth is kind of out unless you want that retro look. But what about the checkered look? It is not he 80s anymore but that does not mean we can’t find ways to update some hold patterns into something that is relevant, stylish, trendy, and completely you. Ironically, the checkered look has kind of updated itself and grown into the fashionable plaid look once reserved for workers and lumberjacks has now become incredibly chic.

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Over a Graphic Tee

One of the hippest ways to wear flannel is making it double as a cardigan. Throw it over a graphic tee, match some colors, pair it with a hat and a solid choice of bottoms and you have an amazing urban look for any season.

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Cardigan Over Top

One simple way to get started in accessorizing and customizing your checkered, flannel look is by putting a simple, one toned cardigan overtop. This creates a preppy, casual look that can double for a little more business casual if you do it right.

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High-top Boots

If there is one pattern that absolutely screams fall, it is probably checkered flannel. And pairing a loose fitting flannel top with skinny jeans and high top boots is a surefire way to class up and mature the sweater and leggings look all over autumn fashion.

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Over a Dress

This one probably does not come to mind right away, but hear us out. Using a dark colored flannel top as a cardigan over a party dress can be an excellent look. Especially if you pair it with the right jewelry and footwear. You can use casual or more nighttime dresses if you’re feeling bold.

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Over a Sundress

Like the more formal wear, you can sneak your flannel into your spring or summer look by using it as a cardigan over a sundress. It is an excellent way to negotiate the between seasons weather and keep your fashion on lock.

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Tied Around the Waist

This is probably the look everyone thinks of when it comes to checkered flannel. This 90s grunge look of a flannel around the waist as yet to go out of style and it shouldn’t start now!

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Jacket Layering

In the fall and winter, one great way to get a flannel into your wardrobe while staying warm is layering it beneath a light jacket and overtop a bottom tee. You can mix and blend patterns and colors to keep the look fresh and working for you.

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Image: A Piece of Toast Blog

Under a Puffy Vest

Nothing says a stroll through an apple orchard like a flannel under a puffy vest. This look has been a staple for fall and is a great way to keep cozy while also looking great. Especially if you pair it with skinny jeans and boots.

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Under a Blazer

If you want to work a fashionable but professional look you can put a blazer over a well-paired flannel to make the color and the patterns work for you. You get to keep your trendy look while impressing your peers!

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Tucked In

One great look is tucking your buttoned up flannel into your jeans with a color and eye catching belt, paired with some really great footwear. It’s a great way to balance out casual with dressed up for any occasion.

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Image: Just a Pretty Style

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With a Skirt

Most people would not think of flannel with a skirt, but they can actually look really great tucked into a skirt. Just pair the colors and the patterns in a hip and fashionable way and you are all set to rock this look for fall or spring!

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With a Chunky Scarf

If you’re in a hurry and want to make an outfit fast, a chunk scarf is always a great way to add some character to your flannel look. Just grab an infinity scarf and throw it over a flannel and you have got an effortless look!

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Image: Forever Amber

Flannel is one thing that will never go out of style or comfort, even if its predecessor looks have. But that does not mean there are not ways to keep it fresh and updated. Pick any of the looks above that fit your style and have fun!

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