20 Lob Hairstyles You Will Love

Lob Hairstyles

With fall just around the corner, you are probably considering what haircut would be the best to help you transition into the new season. Everyone is raving about something called a lob cut these days, but what is it and will it work for your style and face shape?


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First, it is critical to break down just what a lob is: it is a long bob haircut. Celebrities around the world are rocking the new lob trend, and it is likely the perfect look for you too! Since the cut is short enough to keep your hair off of your back when you are wearing it down, it is the best choice to get right now as summer winds down.


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Lobs are shockingly easy to keep looking perfect all day, and they are one of the most versatile haircuts out there. If you are ever worried about committing to a bob and then crying over how short it is, this flattering style will give you just enough length.


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You may want to shy away from bobs because of their lack of flexibility, but never fear, the lob gives you the ability to wear your hair up too, since it is longer than a traditional bob. If you love to have the choice whether to put your hair up or wear it down, the lob has you covered.


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Playing with your style is an even more fun way to customize your lob cut and set yourself apart from others who love this trend. While we all know playing up color and highlights is an excellent way to take your haircut from standard to standout, there are also elements of the lob you can tailor to suit your look. Consider getting a blunt lob for a classic look that you can easily change up with without the hassle of tackling defined layers. This beautiful take on the look will be a sharp and distinct way for you to wear the cut.


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If you’re looking for a lob with a bit more substance and texture, you can opt for having your stylist cut in layers. This cut tends to have layers that give you a bit more length than the blunt lob, so you can do more with this when you’re looking for different style options. However, with this slight addition in versatility comes the tradeoff of it requiring a bit more maintenance.


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Chat with your stylist and find out what type of layered lob they think would suit you best. Long, wispy layers are an extremely popular way to compliment the look. But if you are searching for a bit more of a rocker look, you can always opt for choppy layers that add some extra texture to your style.


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Since the lob is longer, you’ll have plenty of options in choosing your daily style. As always, straightening your hair will give you a crisp, clean look that can fit any situation. Playing with how you part you lob can also give you new ways to wear this style. Whether you part it in the middle, on either side, or wear it swept back, the lob will perfectly compliment your face shape.


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You also have the option to add more to your look by curling your lob or adding sexy waves to your hair. These looks can take your sleek style to new heights with just a few minutes and a curling iron. If you’re missing the classic fall braid, the lob can even accommodate that! Just add a simple side-braid to your new style.


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Feeling brave? Two of the boldest lob looks might be for you. Fashion forward lob lovers are adding bangs to their cut. Adding a layer of bangs in the front of your lob gives it a more distinct shape and frames many faces very well. If you want to stand out, but just are not a fan of fringe, then why not try the ultra-hot slicked back lob. It is perfect for a night out, and will really set your look apart.


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This new no-fear hair trend is obviously here to stay. Try it out, mix it up, and discover how incredibly versatile the lob can be for you!

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