Exercising With a Body Wrap

dietWhether you are looking to lose weight, create a more ‘defined’ stomach, or if you simply want to flush toxins from your system, body wraps offer an effective, all-natural solution that doesn’t rely on medications or surgery. It’s no secret that body wraps are effective at treating these problems, but you might be surprised to learn that you exercising with a wrap is even more beneficial. Rather than waiting for the body wraps to perform their magic, you can speed up the process by doing some light exercises. In this post, we’re going to reveal some of the top exercises to perform with body wraps.

Why Exercising With Body Wraps Is Beneficial

Let me first start off by saying that exercising is not necessary for body wraps to be effective. Most people report a reduction of several inches from their waistline after just a single body wrap (no exercising). And the more body wraps you perform, the more inches and weight you’ll lose. You can boost their effectiveness, however, by performing some light exercises with your body wrap still applied to your midsection.

As you probably know by know, body wraps work by extracting toxin-filled water that’s stored in your fat cells. Well, exercising improves blood flow while encouraging you to sweat more. By sweating more, a greater amount of toxin-filled liquid is flushed from your body, allowing you to shed more inches and pounds from your waist.

Best Exercises For Body Wraps

So, what kind of exercises should you perform with body wraps? The tightness of a body wrap will likely prevent you from performing certain aerobic and strength training exercises. With that said, there are dozens of other exercises which are perfectly acceptable while using a body wrap. Once of the easiest exercises is an elliptical machine. Since your core remains relatively stable on an elliptical, you can easily use this machine with a body wrap. Another idea is to use the treadmill for a brief period of time. As long as you keep the speed low (avoid running), the body wrap should remain nice and snug on your body.

Of course, you can also perform some strength training exercises with a body wrap. Try doing some dumbbell bicep curls, lunges and shoulder presses. Performing just a couple sets of each will encourage more muscle growth while flushing toxins from your body at the same time.

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