How To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Body Wraps

diet controlBody wraps are one of the hottest beauty procedures for losing weight while flushing toxins from your body. Although they’ve been around for centuries (dating back to ancient Greece), they’ve gained a new found popularity in recent years. Whether you are looking to develop a well-defined ‘6-pack abs’ or if you simply want to lose weight, you can’t go wrong body wraps. If this is something you are interested in doing, keep reading to learn some simple ways to boost its effectiveness.

Take a Hot Shower Beforehand

One important tip that’s sure to boost the effectiveness of your body wraps is to take a hot shower beforehand. Although it’s not necessary, taking a hot shower will encourage your pores to open, which in turn helps the moisture exit your body. You don’t have to spend an hour or longer in the shower, as a quick 15-20 minute  shower will suffice. The key thing to remember is that you want to shower with semi-hot water to really  open up your pores and increase the effectiveness of your body wraps.

Drink Lots of Water

Here’s another tip to boost the effectiveness of your body wraps — drink lots of water before and after the procedure. If you’ve read through some of our previous blog posts here at CiaoBellaBody, you’re probably well aware of the principle behind body wraps; they work by using a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients to extract the toxin-filled liquid stored in the surrounding fat cells. By drinking more water, you’ll encourage a greater release of this toxin-filled liquid, which in turn helps you lose more weight.

So, how much water should you drink if you plan on wrapping yourself? There’s really no ‘set’ amount, as everyone’s needs are different. Some people follow the ‘eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day’ rule, but even this is somewhat inaccurate. A better solution is to listen to your body and drink when you’re thirsty. The truth is that most people go through their daily lives in a state of mild dehydration, resulting in a weakened immune system along with slower weight loss progress. You can prevent this from happening, however, by drinking lots of water.

Measure Yourself Before and After

Okay, measuring yourself before and after isn’t going to technically boost the effectiveness of your body wraps but it will give you more self-confidence knowing the procedure is working. Measure the size of your waist immediately before wrapping yourself and then do it once again after the wrap is complete.  It’s pretty neat to watch inches melt melt away from your waist right before your eyes.

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