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The First Lady has never failed to impress, every time she graces any occasion. Her style and fashion are unique, coupled with her breathtaking hairstyles, it is difficult not to notice her signature shoulder-length hairstyles because she and her award winning hairstylist know just what to do with them. Mrs. O, as most people would love to call her has been an inspiration not just to the African-American community but to women globally. Her fashion and style is one way through which she has done this perfectly over and over again.

This is not a political speech or some news related report, we just want to take a quick look at what the First lady does with her hair when attending a high profile event or when she just wants to be casual.

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Image: Essence Magazine

Mrs. Michelle chooses a medium straight hair-do here with a lovely side parting that just gives it a complete look. Thanks to the deep side parting, a bulk of her straight hair fall and terminates at her right shoulder, while the remaining hair volume falls on the other side of her face effortlessly, thereby giving her perfect frame it needs.

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Becoming the First Lady isn’t the motivation behind Michelle’s unique style, she has always understood what it means to look beautiful right before she got to the white house. At this event, she exhibits exactly what a medium hairstyle should look like especially for black women who have medium hair. The side parting works well for her, and the sharp termination of the hair at her jawline sums up the entire look.

Image: Elle
Essence Magazine
Image: Essence Magazine

Michelle Obama’s appearance was the highlight of the presidential Inaugural Day. She showed up at the ball with a sleek white dress and a sleek bob hairstyle “to die for”. She maintained her medium length hair and nice short side parting that directed attention to her lovely face. The jewelry and all she had on for this occasion worked well for her.

Glam O Sphere
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Mrs. O
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The first lady goes for a layered haircut here, a look which is not commonly seen on her but looks great anyways. The bangs she has on are quite close to her eyes, thereby making her eyes the center of attention for this particular look. Replicating this look is quite easy just make sure that the hair on both sides of the face touch the face or you can tousle them fluffily. This is a great option if you are looking for a hairstyle that will ensure you look high in spirit.

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Michelle Obama decides to turn things up a bit here with these voluminous curls of hers. I am sure her stylist wanted to ensure she is the center of attention at this event and he sure got it right. This style is perfect for women with very thin hair because of the high volume style which we like to refer to as voguish. The center parting really work well for her and sums up her entire gorgeous look.

New York Magazine
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Another side-parted medium hairstyle from the first lady here, but this time it is textured and fluffy. It is a fantastic choice for a casual or a formal event.

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Just like Michelle here, you can opt for a more stylish look by trying out this Pinned up Ringlets. Although she pins them up in a little messy fashion here, but it still looks great and perfect for the occasion here. Matured women could wear this in order to added grace and elegance to their appearance on any occasion.

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The First Lady likes to keep it classy and funky some times, this “shaggy” hairstyle here is a good description of her “little magic”. The look is edgy but we will encourage you to change the hair color to one that will suit you skin tone anytime you feel like having this look on you.

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Michelle ties up her hair into a short ponytail here in order to produce a convenient look for herself. The look is versatile and can suit any occasion.

The Obama Diary
Image: The Obama Diary

If you are into politics and all the happenings around, you should have seen Michelle with this half up and half down layered bob hairstyle. It is really beautiful and the volume of the hair really works for her.

Although most of her activities are about politics, she still manages to have the kind of style both young and more matured women can look up to. Her hairstyles are simple but have the right level of sophistication that suit every occasion.
You can follow Michelle for new ideas in hairstyling because she is got a lot of creativity, we must give her that, and her hairstylist also does a very good job too.

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