20 Natural Makeup Tutorial That Inspires You

Natural Makeup Tutorial

Natural Makeup for Beginners

They say that a girl’s smile is the best makeup she could put on… Well, that’s not always the case. But the best kind of makeup is the one that looks natural, unlike those makeups that make you look like an art canvas. Makeup should be simple and natural to allow the natural beauty to exude and be accentuated yet some find it difficult to pull off. Here are a few tips on how to apply an all-natural look with your makeup.

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Moisturize Your Skin

Before anything else, you should keep your skin looking healthy and feeling healthy. Apply a gentle moisturizer or a lotion to make your face smooth and allow makeup to look more beautifully on your cheeks and on your face. Avoid using thick foundations, instead you can use tinted moisturizers that blend well with most skin colors and some even have SPF protection.

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Easy on the Foundation

Most of the time, people tend to be too hefty with foundation, making them look like artificial dolls. Instead of using a heavy brush, use a light touch to apply your foundation to make your face look more natural. Use a fluffy foundation brush and dab gently on your skin evenly.

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Use Nude Lip Colors

It’s not just about the face too. Using neutrals or nude colors for lipsticks add to the natural beauty look. The trick here is not to use too much as even nude colors won’t look good if it’s thickly applied. Apply a little bit on your lips and dab it around to make sure that your lips don’t look dead and dry.

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Holding Your Brush Properly

The way you hold your brush matters if you want to look natural. Most of the time, holding the brush the incorrect way can make your makeup look cakey and unpleasant. Keep things light and natural by holding it either on the bristles but using a light tapping motion (not a sweeping motion) or by holding it at the end and then brush gently. This makes sure you don’t put too much makeup on your face that will make you look like a pin-up doll.

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Use Light Colors for Eye Shadows

Ombre, bronze, and light brown are perfect colors for eye shadows. They blend well with the skin and they look more natural in most skin colors. Put on a light shadow on your eyes with a small brush, making sure that you use the darker colors on the inner circles and then using lighter colors as you go out.

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Blending Colors

To make you look like you’re not using makeup, blending colors is the definite way to go. For example, use a concealer that goes well with the color of your foundation to make it look seamless and refined. As for bronzers, choose the brown shades rather than the orange ones as they look more natural. For blush-ons, cream-based colors are always a safe bet to go since they look smooth and soft overall.

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Making Your Lips Look Full

You don’t actually need to use heavy lipstick to make your lips look better. All you need to do is pair up the colors of your lipstick and lip liner. Blending these two together is quite useful with your lipstick serving as the foundation and with a lip liner that goes well with it, gently applying it on your outer lips.


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Using natural makeup keeps your skin healthy and free from blemishes. If you’re looking for makeup looks that are easy but still pretty, then going natural is the way to go.

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