20 Dazzling Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles

Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles

While some celebrities stick to a trademark hairstyle, Scarlet is not on that list. The adventurous lady cannot help staying out of the salon every so often. From the extreme casuals to the formal hairdos, Scarlet does them all, in one head. From a simple 17-year-old in 2001 to the explorative lady she is, we can take a look at some her outstanding hairstyles.

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Nothing would stop Scarlet from all her audacious hairstyle, not even giving birth to a baby girl on 30th birthday. She likes her hair blonde, short haircut, classic styles among others. In fact, she is becoming one of the unpredictable celebrities when it comes to hair styles.

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Classic hairstyles by Scarlet Johansson

1. Classic updo

The hair is left to hang loosely while swept back gently in a conventional manner. It ensures many wispy strands and much height surrounding the head. The amazing blonde knots blends well with the elegant and sophisticated updo. It leaves Scarlet looking stunning and gorgeous.

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Image: Glamour Magazine

2. Scarlet curly hairstyle

Scarlet looks really amazing with the copper colored hair with long curls flowing from her head. This beautiful lady with perfectly formed curls makes her stand out as feminine with her natural looks.

Image: Miss Bloom
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3. French twist

It is similar to a traditional French twist only that this one is raised up the head in that the twist is conspicuously visible. The twist is styled sideways to reveal its curliness and curviness. This elegant style, with the casual strands made of blonde shades, can make it to a grand event.

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4. French braided hairstyle

This hairdo entail elegantly weaved and braided hair close to the head to give Scarlet a casual look. This short hair style compacts the hair leaving none hanging freely. The golden blonde stands out for Scarlet plus her smiling face. It is just amazing.

Image: Le Fashion
Image: The Hairstyler

5. The gentle side Sweep

This forms a wonderful choice for those with short foreheads but wants to keep it better to their preference. The gentle side flicks with cascading wavy long hair gives scarlet such a stunning look. The perfectly formed spiral curls give the hair a classic outlook.

Image: Zimbio

6. The Heidi braid

If this sounds really foreign, no cause to worry as the simplicity of the style has no comparison to the sophisticated hairstyle name.

Here Johansson wears one braid around the head, giving her a girly look of simplicity. It adds detail and height to the hairdo. It goes so well with Scarlet’s pale complexion.

Image: Us Magazine
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Image: Wwd
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7. Scarlet’s Retro style.

Side parting and broadside sweep leave the actress looking gorgeous. The broad waves are glamorous especially combined with the hair hanging loosely on the side.

8. Short Bob

The hair is roughly styled and tousled. A series of hair ends and layers of different lengths gives this style its uniqueness.


Image: Cosmopolitan
Image: Pop Sugar
Image: The Gloss

9. Scarlet Haircuts

Nicely trimmed haircut of medium length with a side parting. This style gives Scarlet a contemporary look.

10. Johansson updos

Tight well-formed curls are pinned together on one side of the head. Framing the face by the curls and side sweeps is indeed amazing.

Image: Elle
Image: Fame Flynet


What else can we say? It is awesome to appreciate the effort Scarlet puts to attain such looks. I mean she looks amazing from the contemporary, to casual to classic and formal hairdos.

It is amazing to note that the kind of hairstyle one opts to put on the head speaks a lot and thus should be done to depict that which you desire.

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