20 Beautiful Styles of Short and Spiky Haircut

Short and Spiky Haircut

There is one hairstyle that goes well with absolutely any outfit and that is short and spiky. This hairstyle just seems to be able to offset any louse, dress, coat or jacket that you wear. It is probably the only hairstyle which suits every single age group, from the teenager right up to older women. It will save you from sweating in the summer as it is off your neck. It looks attractive in winter with a scarf and it is generally one of the easiest styles to manage.

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Women Over 50

Perfect! The absolute best haircut to maintain that chic, elegant look. It is one cut that you can easily color or leave if you want to let grey hair grow because of the vast amount of layering in the style. Grey hair seems to blend with colors very well with this style. Some of the most elegant over fifty ladies wear this style.

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Style For Girls

Because of the convenience of styling this haircut, it is very popular with younger girls. Easy to manage and keep looking trendy. It is an excellent choice for college students with less time on their hands.

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Different Short and Spiky Styles

You might think that because you have a short, spiky hairstyle there is nothing you can do with it. You would be wrong here as there are plenty of ideas you can use to ‘up do’ you style. 3 inches is the normal length for this style but you may want to try either longer or shorter. Sideswept bangs look great with this style! You can achieve an quiff effect by gelling your hair into an upward swirl.
You might even prefer your style to be shorter on top.

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Why Get a Short and Spiky?

It is the one style that ensures you will stand out in a crowd. It is always eye catching, and makes a bold statement that you are in control of your life (whether you are or not!) It is just so quick to prepare it, you really don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror with this style. It is bordering on a ‘wash and wear’ trend from the 80’s. One bonus you do get from adopting this style is that your hair gets a really good trim and you get rid of all the split and dead hair. Short hair means less heat treatment and will cut down on that awful damage. This style gives your hair a good chance to recover from numerous heat treatments and grow out strong and healthy again.

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How To Style Short and Spiky

This is where you will really see the benefits of this style. Wash as normal and dry whichever way you choose until it is almost dry, about 75% dry. It is best to do this with a hair dryer and while you are drying it be sure to lift the spikes upwards. Dry your hair from the roots and use your fingers to draw the hair away from your head. When your hair is completely dry you can use either gel or wax (not too much) or whatever you would normally use to style your hair. Mold into firm spikes which please you and then spray with your favorite hairspray to keep in place.

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Here’s a Hint

Because you now have a lot less hair which people focus on, they can see more of your face. Spend a little longer on putting on your make up as your face is now the focal point when anyone looks at you. Take your best point such as eyes or lips and accentuate them. Because this is actually quite a boyish style you should counter that with girly make up. Remember that your ears will also be more exposed so choose your earrings carefully. Then leave your new, favorite hairstyle to do the rest!

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The Down Side?

If there is a down side to this wonderful style it is the fact that it is not suitable for curly hair. On straight or wavy hair it works perfectly every time and even fine hair can be made to look thicker with it. Another thing to consider is that when you have no time to wash your hair you can’t just pull it up into a pony tail as you would with long hair. A final thought is that if after cutting your hair, you fin that you really don’t like the style, it will take a while to grow out.

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Before you go ahead and chop off your locks, make sure you have looked at enough pictures of the style and what you can and cannot do with it. Make sure this style it really going to work for you and your lifestyle. Having decided that you like it, go ahead and enjoy it!

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