Short Cuts to Define Your Curls

Short Cuts to Define Your Curls


If you have head full of natural curls, you likely know the complexities that come with cutting and styling your curls. Whether you have tight bouncy curls or big ringlets, you may think that getting a short haircut is not an option for you. This could not be further from the truth! There are plenty of short haircuts for curly hair that will highlight your curls and leave you wondering why you didn’t try them sooner.



Take a page from the celebrity playbook and try a curly pixie. A close crop will add sexy definition to your curls. Not to mention how easy it is to style a pixie cut. Applying a simple hair gel or pomade will ensure your curls don’t get unruly and your look stays on-point all day. Feeling even more daring? Have your stylist shave one side of your curly pixie to give it a rocker edge. This look works because it balances the femininity of your curls with the daring close-cut of the shaved side making this look sweet with an element of danger.


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Another beautiful option for your curls is a short bob. If you have looser curls, a bob will give you the flexibility to create definition and texture in your curls. Simply ask your stylist to cut in choppy or uneven layers. Then take a putty and separate the curls to really make them stand out. There are many options for the type of short bob you can get depending on the look you are going for and the texture of your hair. Some short curly hair looks awesome with an asymmetrical bob, with one side being longer than the other. Other curls look outstanding with a cut bob that has a blunt end. This all-around blunt bob will look different depending on how you style it. If you leave your curls naturally down, it will not look sharp and defined since each piece of hair curls to a different length. However, you have the flexibility to straighten out your curls to show the blunt edge of your bob if you choose. While it involves a bit more maintained than the pixie, the flexibility you get with a short bob is a great reason to try it out.


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If you are looking for a low maintenance curly cut, then go for textured layers that frame your face. This is the best option because it looks absolutely perfect messy, so you won’t have to worry about your hair if you are running late.


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This is the longest of the short cuts on this list, and since the length gives your curls some flexibility to spread out, you will get some natural volume and texture to play with here. You will also have the option to cut in some side-swept bangs to further frame your face.



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Textured layers are a great way to try out some curl-defining hair dye options too. Making your curls pop with pretty highlights will compliment your natural hair color while also bringing the shape of each curl into focus. If you are feeling a bit more daring, try an all-over dye that will give you an entirely new look. Some short curly cut enthusiasts have been playing around with primary colors like bright red and navy blue to show off their playful side and show off their curls.


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As always, you need to remember that the biggest factor in making sure that your short cut looks stunning is to start with healthy hair. Having dry or frizzy curls will destroy your look and leave you feeling like no matter what haircut you get, it does not look the way you want.


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But do not worry, these common curly hair problems are surprisingly simple for you to fix, and you are in very good company.


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There are tons of products on the market that are made specifically to tame your seemingly unmanageable curls. Everything from in shower conditioning masks to light serums that will tame frizzy pieces are at your disposal.


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Healthy hair will make your short cut stand out, not to mention your hair will feel soft and touchable. Go bold with a short cut to transform your curls today!


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