20 Styles To Be yourself with Short Hair for Prom Inspirations

Short hairstyle for prom

Creating your prom look is fun and exciting.You find the perfect dress and shoes and now its time to find your perfect prom hairstyle. Updos and Short hair for prom is trendy and elegant. Whether you have chic shorter hair or longer hair your going to pin up, there are a plethora of styles and options to look at. Stylists are adding whimsical curls to hair trends and some are opting for sleek and straight styles.

A hair flip or an intricate braid can be made into your own unique style. Using hair pins and designer hair accessories are a part of your overall look. It is jewelry for your hair and is a way to enhance your style. Your hairstyle should go with your personality and dress, reflecting all of your aspirations, hopes and dreams. Prom is a night to celebrate your achievements and the journey you are about to embark on. In your prom style you should have a part of your memories, a piece of your present and a hint of your future that will be your style, your life and your inspiration.

Impetuous Waves

001 asymmetric-short-hairstyle 1

A charming side swept layered hairstyle falls gently over the eye creating an elegant and enigmatic look.
The style has incorporated naturalistic make up that is fashionably beautiful.

Image: The Right Hairstyles

Blonde Curly Bob

002 2-curly-blonde-bob-with-a-braid-for-prom 1

Loose curls and braided back bangs are dreamy and romantic. The hairstyle has
height in the back and an elegant gold leaf pin on the side.

Image: Instagram

15 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles Moms Can Do at Home

003 0882f9b104c51754efad2e03f764e7d0 1

A cascading collage of braids are delicately secured in an elegant updo. A fishtail style
holds the back in place.Fine wisps of hair are left out intentionally to create a timeless look.

Image: Café Mom

Shortcut to Style: 3 Picture-perfect Short Hair Tutorials

004 short-hair-styling-tutorial-a 1

A classic twist hat runs as a wreath around the base of the head. It is twisted and then
tucked and pinned in a consistent manner creating a sophisticated look.

Image: Mod Cloth


005 updoForShortHair2 1
Neatly pinned back with fallen sides, this style is nostalgic. The lighter highlights offer depth
and is framed nicely by hair that falls forward naturally for a sincere look.

Image: Camille Styles

15 Genius Tricks for Styling Short Hair

006 54fffa0a3ad9f-4-short-hair-lgn 1

A headband is adorned with a jeweled design. Whimsical side swept bangs are beautifully
set with teased hair in the back that offers height and balance to the style.

Image: Good Housekeeping

Tease your hair to give it volume

007 shorthairprom14 1

Iconic and elegant is this style. Wind swept back updo with an intricate head band
made of pearls and a fashionable design. The makeup set chosen creates a pretty and poised style.

Image: Weedings by Lilly

4 Short Hairstyles For Prom

008 3d0ba0b0-c5b7-0132-9a5f-0e01949ad350 1

Confident and glamorous, this style is a shorter cut with bangs that are lavish ringlets. Paired with
designer earrings and a naturally enhanced makeup look this is a winning style.

Image: Bustle

Chic Pin Up Style Short Hair for Prom

009 Updos-for-Short-Hair-for-Prom 1

Classic and timeless we see a double twist that is reminiscent and true to fashion of  the leading ladies seen in a poetic era.

The makeup coloring is feminine and sophisticated.

Image: Short Hairstyles

French Braided Updo Party Hair

010 Party-Hair-Ideas 1

A pretty sideways braid wraps hair around in a delightful updo. A few intentional
pieces fall around the face in wavy wisps that have a natural appeal.

Image: Pop Sugar

Beautiful Short Prom Haircuts

011 Short-Blonde-Curly-Prom-Hairstyle-with-Bangs 1

Chic and trendy, this hairstyle offers a flirty style. Light curls are framed by
shorter to the side bangs that are ideal and stylish.

Image: Pretty Designs

Prom Hairdo for Short Hair

012 Prom-Hair-for-Short-Hair 1

Truly classic in an iconic era.This style takes us back to the time when

wide curls were pinned up for an elegant look and style.

Image: Salon Star

Cutest Twisted Half Up Short Hair for Prom

013 Twisted-Half-Up-Short-Hair-for-Prom 1

This style is harmonious and well blended. The sides are pulled back with a braiding

twist technique and barely there pinning. The bottom and back of the style are lifted with whimsical styling.

Image: Latest Hairstyles

Volumized Ponytail for Short Hair

014 VolumizedPonytailforShortHair1 1

A voluminous  updo is sleek and sophisticated . The hair is pulled back neatly and is

accented by long bangs that are kept to the side framing the face and neck line.

Image: Keiko Lynn

Messy Crown Braid for Shorter Hair

015 MessyBraidedCrownTheWonderForest1 1

A natural braid centers the crown into a downward v style. The hair falls around the braid

framing the face and offering a delightful appeal to the style.

Image: The Wonder Forest

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

016 Prom-Hairstyles-for-short-hair-6 1

Curly and clever , the hair is swept back on the sides and neatly held with ornate barrette

style clips. The back of the hair is elevated slightly with a textured cut and style.

Image: All Teens Talk

Pretty Braided

017 74dea15c15b44e6826a9013a52d15419 1

An extroverted french braid pulls all the hair back and then tucks the remaining

hair underneath in a neat fold under technique. This style is fun and elegant.

Image: The Outfit

50 French Braid Hairstyles for 2015

018 9e923fa7850a3afbd1d3c20aedd76abb 1

Side french braids and falling waves frame the face creating this most elegant

and natural style. This look has a dramatic appeal and is glamorously true to its style.

Image: Stayglam

7 Easy Hairstyles That Make Your Face Look Slimmer

019 6f985565b427bef90fda7b5b2bde17e2 1

Beach wave perfection has this style looking natural and beautifully texturized. The

look has an air of sophistication and  flirtatious hints.

Image: Byrdie

This Is Your Ultimate Short Hair Style Guide

020 e6e2c1b8a677ed08290ba7fd8993bf93 1

This twist is a princess style with wisps of hair that naturally fall .The style is neatly

twisted and tucked all around like a fairy crown. This look is elegant and holds a sense of promise.

Image: Brit

Prom hair styles are trending towards natural and unique looks. As we have seen there are numerous braids and twists that are
dreamy and full of enchanting memories. Hair that is swept back in a sleek design or in a more natural layout have an air of elegance. There are highlights and color to take into consideration when selecting a style. This will alter the final outcome of the look you are wanting for your prom night. You may want jeweled combs or an ornate head band to embellish the style. Some opt for jeweled pins that are sporadically placed.

They are all beautiful options. The style of makeup you will be wearing can also effect your hairstyle. If you
are going to wear more dramatic deeper tones or lighter, more natural tones you will want to make sure your style is compatible with your dress, makeup and shoes. The era of your prom theme may have some influence on your style choices. You are a unique person. You are not who others say you should be. This one night especially strive to be true to who you really are deep down inside. Let those inspirations be your muse.The wonderful concept of your prom is not who you were, but who you are and who you will be. Like a snowflake you are original. Be original and beautiful in your own truest fashion and have a fun, safe and memorable night.

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