20 Stylish Miranda Kerr Hairstyles

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles

Unlike the rest of us mere mortals Miranda had to first get permission from her clients to have her hair cut, but all gave their blessing and earlier this year the super model chopped off her signature locks. Ever since then the Victoria Secret model has been our muse for up do’s, can do’s, can’t do’s and never ever do’s.


Byrdie Beauty2
Image: Byrdie Beauty

Bangin’ bangs

Miranda Kerr is a cut above the rest and there’s no denying she’s an absolute bombshell regardless of the hairstyle she chooses. We love this natural girl next door’ look with soft bangs that gently outline her face.

AU Lifestyle
Image: AU Lifestyle
Image: Zimbio

Short and sassy

There’s been many a model that has been va-voom with their long locks but with the right cut and touch of color they’ve upped the ante and gone Va-Va-Voom. Sometime s a trim or a chop is all we need to take us to the next level.

Glam Radar
Image: Glam Radar
Beauty Girly Fashion
Image: Beauty Girly Fashion

Who needs the bob when you’ve got the lob?

Take all the best parts of a haircut and combine them into one stylish cut called the lob. It’s sleek and sexy, short and cute, wavy and natural – a sure winner for anyone and everyone.

My Fashion Soul
Image: My Fashion Soul
Image: Slufoot

The long bob

We’ve said it once, and we’re going to probably say it one hundred times more, Miranda Kerr has a face that can launch a thousand ships and a million hairstyles. Her first snip was the slightly longer bob, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Image: StyleBistro
Image: Refinery29

The chic bob

We love long healthy locks but we also know that long hair is long hair is long hair, and sometimes a quirky cut or stylish snip can take you from ordinary to extraordinary in an hour or two.

Harper's Bazaar
Image: Harper’s Bazaar
Marie Claire UK
Image: Marie Claire UK

Straight up

Miranda showed us just how versatile a bob can be whether it’s got a bit of a kink at the ends or is straightened with a GHD. It’s about the right cut working with your hair, instead of you insisting your hair work with a specific cut.

Image: Popsugar
Hairstyle Insider
Image: Hairstyle Insider

Slicked back

For those days off where you’re relaxed and the living is easy the slicked back bob is a gorgeous alternative to the casual look.

Image: Lively
Image: Lively

The bun

Even Miranda has days where she can’t be bothered with clean hair and hours of grooming; and that’s where the up do comes in. Easy to do yourself by pulling your hair into a ponytail, wrapping it around a few times and securing it with a few bobby pins.

How to Chic
Image: How to Chic
Iconic Women
Image: Iconic Women

Naturally curly

Not that anyone was taking too much notice of her hair at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills but if anyone did notice, they would have loved the subtle curls and cute little side path.

Glamour Magazine UK
Image: Glamour Magazine UK

The long bob

For a while Miranda sported a long bob, but it was neither here nor there. We waited with bated breath for her to take the plunge, taking her from sweetheart to sultry siren.

Image: Lively

If you’re wanting to give your hair its marching orders, then look no further than the many hairstyles of Miranda Kerr: she’s like the chameleon of cool cuts with a new hairstyle every other day and living proof that a good stylist can take you from drab to fab in an instant. Our philosophy, like Miranda’s, is that hair will grow back, so why the heck not!

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