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20 Armband Tattoo Designs

Tribal armbands are some of the most popular types of armband tattoos. There was a time about 10 – 15 years ago when this type of tattoo was all the rage, for a while they seemed to disappear but recently they have started to make a comeback again. One of the advantages of this type […]

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Small Tattoos Designs for Women

Tattoos are a very personal thing and the design you choose should be one that has some meaning for you. Added to this you should be sure that you actually want a tattoo as they are permanent and cannot just be changed as you would change your earrings and make up. Tattoo removal is no […]

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Crown Tattoos Design That Inspire

Crown tattoos are not your run of the mill design and it is not that often that you come across them. When you do, however they can be quite spectacular. Often they are included in a larger tattoo but they can also be chosen as a single design. They may be small or larger as […]

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