The Do’s and Don’ts of Throwing a Body Wrap Party

girl in christmas hatBody wrap parties are a great way to help your friends and family members lose weight in a fun settings. While you can always use body wraps when you’re alone, turning into a social party adds a whole new level of fun to the process. And besides, it allows other people to see the results of a wrap with their own eyes. Once they see the results for themselves, chances are they’ll want to participate in the fun. To make the most of your body wraps, however, there are a few things you should know. Keep reading for some important do’s and don’ts of throwing a body wrap party.

Do: Stock Up on Wraps

You can’t throw a successful body wrap party unless you have plenty of wraps available. Don’t make the mistake of only purchasing a handful for the party. Instead, stock up so you’ll have enough for everyone who wants to participate. Remember, more people will ask you for a wrap once they see the results with their own eyes. A good rule of thumb is to buy at least one wrap for each person who’s attending the party.

Do: Spread The Word

Of course, you’ll want to spread the word about your body wrap party. You can use word-of-mouth, social media networking sites, make phone calls, send out invitation letters, or a combination of the four methods. The bottom line is that people need to know about the party. Be sure to let everyone know the date and location of the party.

Don’t: Forget Snacks

Don’t forget to purchase some snacks for guests at your body wrap party. You don’t have to provide everyone with a full meal, but you should have some finger foods available for guests to snack on. A block of cheese and crackers, fruit trays, vegetable trays and mini sandwich bites are all excellent ideas.

Don’t: Wrap Without Measuring

One of the biggest mistakes people make at body wrap parties is not measuring themselves before a wrap. It’s no secret that body wraps are an effective way to shed inches from your waist, but seeing the results on paper allows you to know exactly how much you lose. Whether you are wrapping yourself or someone else at the body, take a minute to get some measurements beforehand. Once the body wrap comes off, remeasure the waist and compare the new number to the old one.

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